Dear Patient,

It’s been nearly one year since Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates launched (relaunched) into the Greater Cincinnati market as a Direct Primary Care (DPC,) concierge medicine and women’s specialty health practice, and just a few months since we opened our new offices in the heart of Mariemont. As we celebrate our first anniversary, we want to thank you for your support and trust, and share more with you about our growing practice and expanding services.

If you are one of our patients who joined the practice last fall (before November) and opted to pay your annual membership in full, we’ve enclosed your annual renewal invoice for your convenience. If you are a member paying month-to-month, your payment will continue as is.

As we come into our second year, our goal continues to be to provide personalized, evidence-based primary care. We plan to continue our extended, in-office patient visits and offer home visits for appropriate patients. In addition, we are expanding and innovating our primary care services to include new technologies, tools and more specialty providers. (More detail about all of these services can be found on our website.) These include:
  • HealthSnap. By now, you should have received via email information about HealthSnap Solutions, a new, online tool that we are offering to patients. (If you did not, we do not have an active email address for you. Please do send us your current email address by emailing and using the subject PATIENT EMAIL ADDRESS UPDATE.) The tool takes into account a patient’s lifestyle in addition to other factors, such as family history, to develop an overall assessment and health plan for preventing chronic illnesses. The process is simple. You’ll complete an online questionnaire via the HIPAA-secure portal, and your information is used to generate a summary report. Based on your report, together, we’ll create a personalized wellness plan for areas that need improvement.
  • Welcome, Sondra Lyness, PA-C, who will rejoin the practice and will work in collaboration with Dr. Larkin to provide additional access for urgent visits, travel consultations, breast cancer risk assessment and weight management programs.
  • Welcome, Kim Lauch, who offers yoga therapy and other mindfulness practices for healing different health opportunities by incorporating gentle movements, healing breath work and guided meditation in each treatment, enabling the client to improve on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.
  • Welcome, Jennifer Bain, MEd, RDN, LDN, who will provide in-office nutrition counseling, and who will develop our weight-management program with Sondra.
  • Virtual visits. Starting in August, patients with minor medical concerns can conduct virtual visits (online, using your computer’s camera) with their provider without traveling to the office. Patients schedule by calling the office (although, we will have a mobile app available soon for scheduling.)
  • In-office pharmacy. Coming in July, we’re pleased to be able to offer in-office pharmacy services for a select group of commonly prescribed medications. We’ll be able to offer these at greatly reduced prices—in some cases, lower than a typical pharmacy co-pay! Stay tuned to our July e-newsletter and watch our website for more information.

In addition to our primary care practice, our focus continues on midlife women’s healthcare. All of our providers are certified by NAMS, the North American Menopause Society, and we are passionate about helping women live their healthiest at mid-life. Our women’s health services include:
  • Comprehensive gynecology. Gretchen Fermann, MD, board-certified gynecologist with Seven Hills Women’s Health Centers, sees patients part-time in our Mariemont location.
  • Sexual health consultations. Comprehensive, personalized consultations to address sexual pain, menopause-related sexual dysfunction, low desire, sexual dysfunction related to cancer treatment, and other issues.
  • Menopause, perimenopause consultations. Our certified menopause practitioners work in collaboration with a patient’s primary care physician to help manage menopause symptoms with safe, hormonal and non-hormonal options based on scientific evidence.
  • GSM (or vulvar vaginal atrophy) treatment. Our office provides a complete discussion of the available therapies to treat this condition, including OTC moisturizers, local vaginal estrogen, vaginal DHEA, oral medications (such as Ospemifene,) pelvic health physical therapy, and laser-based therapies, including the MonaLisa Touch™ laser.
  • MonaLisa Touch laser. We’re one of the few practices in the city that offers Mona Lisa Touch brand of CO2 laser, the one with the most supporting data and most patients treated compared to all other CO2 lasers. The in-office, no-downtime, painless treatment for GSM has been proven effective for symptomatic relief – often providing relief with the first treatment.
  • Pelvic health physical therapy. Stacey Hendricks, DPT, PT, WCS, doctor of physical therapy and board-certified Women’s Clinical Health Specialist, provides pelvic health PT services to treat a number of conditions that cause pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction/pain during sex, urinary leakage/incontinence, Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation or bulge in midline of abdomen) and many other pelvic conditions and symptoms. 
  • Breast cancer risk assessment. While many women are aware they are at risk of developing breast cancer simply because they are women, many do not know their individual breast cancer risk and how that risk compares to the general population. Our breast cancer risk assessment takes an individualized approach to determining a patient’s risk of developing breast cancer, and our consultation includes development of a personalized plan that considers need for genetic testing, frequency and types of screenings and steps for prevention. Also, on August 11, we’ll hold a free, community lecture and breast cancer risk assessment at TriHealth Women’s Center Kenwood. Check our website for more information.

More information about our community lectures and quarterly lecture series (coming soon), as well as more detail about all of these services can be found on our website

Again, we so appreciate your support of our practice, and we hope you find this update informative. If you have any questions about any of our services, please feel free to call us directly at 513.760.5511.

In good health,

Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates

Thank you! The highest compliment we can receive is your trust and confidence in referring friends and family to our practice. We also know your friends and family seek recommendations – including those online. If you would like to leave a review about your experience with our practice, please do so at Google, ( Dr. LarkinDr. Wright, or  Anna Fox, CNP) or on  Facebook. We so appreciate your time and trust in us.
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