This year's VBS Clinic will be provided through Training Videos!
We WILL NOT be meeting in person this year.

Welcome to Vacation Bible School 2020
With all of the changes God is using to expand the gospel in the last few months, in Vacation Bible School we get to experience those changes as well.

At Frio River Baptist Association, we want to make sure you are provided a few resources to at least provide a little training for your workers in Vacation Bible School this year.

To access the training, you will need to click HERE

Once you are on our page, you should be able to see the various videos that have been posted, and watch them on your own schedule. Just click on the video(s) you want to watch and voila, you can view any of the training available. If you want to watch more than one video, just hit the "back" arrow on your browser to go back to the main page (or search for it again) and click on another one.

I would encourage you to send all of your VBS workers to this resource. We hope to have all the videos uploaded and ready for your use by this Saturday (April 25th), which would have been the date of our in-person training.

The videos we are attempting to provide are:
  • Bible Study
  • Music
  • Missions
  • Crafts
  • Snacks
  • Preschool
  • Pastors and Directors.

If your workers are teaching any Bible Study, they will be able to watch that video for their training. If they are working in other areas, they will just need to click on the appropriate video for their specific areas of service.

I pray these will be helpful to train your workers this year. PLEASE don’t give up, but plan, adjust, be creative in hosting Vacation Bible School this year.

Vacation Bible School is STILL one of the MOST effective tools we have as churches to connect with people and reach them with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Please let me know how I or our team can be of assistance. I am praying for you!

FRBA VBS Director

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