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When you donate to Animal Ark, you become an active participant in the global effort of ending inhumane animal practices, such as the dog meat trade in Asia. Your support not only gives dogs like Aumnicha, Brazill, Thanuthep, Bonnie, and Jungely a fighting chance, but it also frees up space for their Rescue Organization to help more dogs in dire need. By donating to Animal Ark Shelter, you are letting our international rescue dogs know that they matter, that what happens to them matters to you. Simultaneously, it also shows the world that the inhumane treatment of animals, regardless of their location, is not acceptable to you. No donation is too small! 100% of your donation goes towards improving the lives of animals in need. Only with your support and the support of other compassionate people like you can we continue to stand with organizations like Soi Dog Foundation, Muscat Adoption and Mutt Mutt Engine to offer our assistance in ending animal cruelty.
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