We specialize in the purchase and revitalization of distressed properties.
Underwriting the Deal
When evaluating environmental risk in real estate investment, RESIGHT focuses on the following underwriting fundamentals:
  • The nature of the impairment.
  • Regulatory agency perception of the property.
  • Remediation resolution alternatives.
  • Available risk management alternatives.
  • Market perception of the property after remediation and risk management.
  • Future value of the property after the impairment has been resolved.
While environmental and other types of impairment risks are rarely eliminated completely, they can be managed effectively.  RESIGHT's risk management investment programs are designed to protect the sellers interest, adding value to sale transactions by mitigating exposure to risks and liability obligations which are typically associated with impaired real estate properties.  
Our RESIGHT management team relies on over 100 years of combined experience in real estate development, real estate finance and environmental liability risk management to create the best possible outcome for the seller of impaired real estate.  RESIGHT has been directly involved in over $2 billion worth of impaired real estate transactions throughout North America.

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