Baklava is an ancient honey, nut and pastry dessert that has evolved into many different versions during its long history. Here at Subarashii Kudamono, we have created our own Baklava recipe with sweet and healthy Dried Asian Pears!

Our Dried Asian Pears give this Baklava a delicate and complex Asian Pear flavor while retaining the Baklava style. And while you are relishing the sticky, honey-sweetness of this dessert, you’ll still enjoy some healthful eating - our dried Asian Pears have no added sugar and are rich in complex carbs.
Speaking of Pears... 
“…we have all sorts of goodies. From early morning with pear (spread)
to dried pears for a snack….” Frank, Allentown, PA
(speaking about snow storm preparedness)

Trees Get a Trim!

Selectively pruning our Asian Pear trees in the winter and early spring gives them a head start on growing robust and delicious, gourmet Asian Pears. Here are members of our Pear Team working hard in the snow!

This type of pruning is called dormant pruning and can be done until buds form. By carefully choosing the areas to prune, the Asian Pear tree will be reinvigorated to grow the remaining branches even stronger! This makes for a healthier, happier and better producing tree. And, yes, we like to think of our Asian Pear trees as happy; they provide Wonderful Fruit, after all!
Have a Warm, Healthy Winter!

Our Asian Pear Pantry has many healthy and delicious options for you.

Try our Dried Asian Pears in the Baklava above and in some warming Dried Asian Pear Ramen!

Asian Pear Spread is the star of our Asian Pear Spread Dipping Trio, which is easy and quick to make, but has an upscale attitude!

Smooth and tart Aged Asian Pear Vinegar is a feature flavor in the sublime Subarashii Kudamono Winter Potato Salad.

Try any or all, you won't be disappointed!
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