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Our Assembly for Human Dignity Inspires SNL to Travel to Lansing on February 28th

We need you to join us!
Do you realize that over 100,000 people who live, work, raise children, and pay taxes in Michigan do not have access to a driver’s license or state ID due to their immigration status? Think of the problems that arise simply by not having a valid form of identification. You can’t drive to work, your children to school, or go to the grocery store. You don’t have an acceptable ID at some pharmacies. Enrolling your children in school becomes a problem.

Do you also realize that, until 2008, these individuals were eligible for these forms of ID? We took that right away from them. Since then, some Michigan legislators have introduced bills to reinstate that right at every new legislative session but have not even been able to get a hearing in committee.

According to immigrants we work with, the inability to drive in Michigan is the number one problem they face. At our Assembly for Human Dignity on December 9th, we heard personal testimony about the daily problems resulting from not having a driver’s license and the emotional trauma that comes from being treated as “less” or as a “societal problem” instead of as a person who contributes to our community and economy.

State Senators Mary Cavanagh and Jeff Irwin and State Representatives Tyrone Carter and Regina Weiss heard the testimony on December 9th and pledged to reintroduce legislation in the first quarter of 2023 that would ensure immigrants could obtain drivers’ licenses or state IDs known as the Drive Safe bills.

We need to help start the process of getting this legislation passed. On Tuesday, February 28th SNL will hold a “Drive Safe Advocacy Day” where we will travel to Lansing to meet with our own personal legislators to introduce the Drive Safe bills and push for their support.
Here is how our Drive Safe Advocacy Day will work:
  • We will travel to Lansing by bus or car on Tuesday, February 28th and meet at 9 a.m. at the Capitol.
  • We will go to our respective appointments in groups and discuss the Drive Safe bills with the legislators or staff.
  • We will gather again at the Capitol to report out and have lunch together.
  • We will then travel home with a sense of accomplishment!

Numbers will show our power. We hope to have 100+ advocates join us and we plan to talk to at least 35 legislators. WE NEED YOU!! 

SNL will organize the meetings with our legislators and supply supporting material - but we need you there in person and spirit to join with our voices.

This is an opportunity to advocate for human dignity. 
Let's learn together!
Questions? Email or call Rich Faba at 248-961-3246
19972 Shrewsbury
Detroit, MI 48221