Magnolia Gift and Garden

SO What's up with all the Auctions?
by Chris Hunter
No, we are not going out of business! Every nursery in this area since I can remember  has always had some kind of seasonal sale approach and we just wanted to try something new- and the bi-annual auction is our seasonal sale. 

1- I hate to throw away plants, I admit it! It is common practice in our
industry to throw away a lot of plant material if it doesn't sell, and I've never been very good at that. 
2- If inventory has
 been here for six months and not sold, It's time to go!
3- We always need room for new stuff since we are a pretty small place. We have loads of new stuff coming this fall 
4- Knowing that we can recoup some money on product that doesn't sell allows us to continue to try new things and find what works
5- It's great fun. Just as we have our store regulars, we have our auction regulars that come from all over Northern California and they're always all jazzed up on Auction Fever!

If you have never done one of auctions, here is all you should know-
  • Bidding starts on Friday (all on-line). The highest bid by Tuesday wins each lot. 
  • Read the descriptions and come to Magnolia for the auction preview during business hours. If something is damaged, for example, I will mention it in the descriptions. 
  • All winning bids must be picked up by Sunday, October 11th. 
  • Sometimes people do overspend on items, but there's always good deals to be had
  • If you win multiple lots, please call the nursery to schedule a pick up

Magnolia's 2020 Fall Auction starts this Friday at and come check out what's in the auction during business hours at the nursery- over 200 Lots!!!

A preview of some items in the auction

Nursery Hours 10-4 seven days a week

Auction starting October 2nd