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Today marks the 50th anniversay of putting men on the moon....
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A surprise book on sale Tuesday July 23
New character: 
Aloysius Archer

The Terminal List's James Reece
Signed July 29

Bob Lee Swagger
Signed July 29

A standalone thriller
Signed by both authors
July 29

An Awakened Novel
Signed August 2
2:00 PM

Her Royal Spyness
Signed August 10 2:00 PM

A book for those battling mean girls, and for mean girls 
YA Dark Fantasy
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summer reading

Our July Surprise Me! Book of the Month
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Lydia Chin & Bill Smith
in Mississippi Chinese community
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Signed September 24 with the new Jame Sallis

Rivers of London Series
only this one is Germany's
The Moselle
only 3 left

Terrific UK police procedural with dazzling forensics
in stock now

Harry Hole
Due in from London mid July
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Chapter Two
Our July SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Month
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Chapter One
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1 941 Nassau
The Windors... a murder
Our July History/Mystery Book of the Month
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a winner in a Summer of Spies
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Big historical fiction
f irst of four parts
in stock now

A Homefront Mystery
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Jackson Lamb/Slough House
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Sister Fidelma
due mid July

Flavia Alba
2 copies left


Media of all sots has been reminding us of the remarkable events of July 20, 1969, and the sense of purpose and wonder that went with it.

I have no patience with the "deniers" who somehow think 1969 technology was up to fooling all of us, or that a conspiracy to do so was formed. Instead, let's look up tonight and remember the guts, the teamwork, and the vision landing on the moon took.

Those of you with tickets to our sold out program with Daniel Silva can pause for a look before driving home. For upcoming ticketed events, please see below.

Here a couple of corrections to the last ENEWS

I lost a week, the baseball All Star Game was not July 15. Sorry for confusing anyone. 

John Sandford's event for   Bloody Genius (Putnam $29). a new Virgil Flowers thriller, is now September 30 at 7 PM, not October 8.

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Just added Stuart Turton, J Todd Scott and David Rosenfelt . Linda Castillo is missing but Patrick will find her....

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Barbara and all The Pens

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I included our annual Summer of Spies Section, one of some interesting nonfiction, a round up of classic crimes back in print and delightful, and a BIG Signed Books section.

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The Summer Thriller Event
Mark Greaney in conversation with
Jack Carr & Stephen Hunter who both launch their new books
Monday July 29 7:00 PM

MONDAY JULY 29 Thriller Triple Header
Mark Greaney  hosts two thriller writers launching their new books. Ask for yours to be dated.

Jack Carr  signs  True Believer (Atria $28)

A 2019 Best First Novel nominee in the Thriller Awards, Carr got my vote in 2018 for outstanding thriller debut-the real deal as he is the real deal, a warrior, SEAL, and sniper who also grasps spycraft. 

Lee Child agrees: "This is seriously good. I mean-seriously. Both author Jack Carr and main character James Reece are the real deal, the action is razor sharp, the suspense is unrelenting, and the tradecraft is so authentic the government will probably ban it-so read it while you can!" Actually the government gets to redact text so that's part of the book. What what's up with Reece's continuation of The Terminal List?

Branded a terrorist for killing corrupt government officials responsible for the murder of his wife and daughter, most wanted ex-Navy SEAL James Reece comes out of hiding to go after an Islamic extremist following a massacre in London. The U.S. officials were part of a conspiracy to conceal the lethal effects of an experimental new drug. In addition to killing Reece's family, they arranged for the troop he commanded in Afghanistan to be sent into a deadly ambush. Reece survived, but his days are numbered thanks to a brain tumor caused by the drug. Weary of living in hiding with so little time left, he agrees to a deal in which he will be pardoned for his crimes if he goes after the people responsible for the London tragedy. The action heats up as the scene shifts from Turkey to Ukraine to Iraq. But the best part of the book is the setup, during which Reece, alone aboard a 48-foot yacht in the middle of the Atlantic, reflects on it all.

Stephen Hunter  signs  Game of Snipers (Putnam $27)

Hunt wrote to me that this is his "all out sniper" thriller and wow, it is. The sniper stuff is outstanding. The plot is set up as a duel between the Jihads bad guy fueled by faith and revenge and Bob Lee Swagger, despite his age and wounds, the only comparable shot to stop him. With the aid of a great back up team. Hunter brings off a brilliant end game for the pair that you won't see coming and which contains some high octane comments on today's world he shoots out like bullets. Actually bullets are key to this so you can learn a lot about them, too. I wish I could say more about this rocket of a book but anything further would be a spoiler!

I'm not a gun person but somehow Hunter invests me in the sniper's world every time. Masterful.

Mark Greaney signs Red Metal (Berkley $27) already signed by coauthor Lt. Col. Rip Rawlings

This is sweeping and magnificent military fiction with a global scale and asking if the US can fight on three fronts? And what would those three fronts be? The tech is great but it's the characters who grab you. I devoured it.
Hardboiled Crime Club
Thursday 7:00 PM

Anyone is welcome to join in. Not reading the book will be a spoiler but you can enjoy the discussion and plan ahead for future monthly meetings

Hardboiled Crime:  Thursday June 25 7:00 PM:

Read Frederic Brown, Madball ($9.99)

Emily Devenport
Saturday July 27 2 PM
Emily Devenport  signs Medusa in the Graveyard (Tor $18.99)
The Medusa Cycle #2

Oichi Angelis, former Worm, along with her fellow insurgents on the generation starship Olympia, head deeper into the Charon System for the planet called Graveyard. Ancient, sentient, alien starships wait for them-three colossi so powerful they remain aware even in self-imposed sleep. 

The race that made the Three are dead, but Oichi's people were engineered with this ancient DNA. A delegation from Olympia must journey to the heart of Graveyard and be judged by the Three
A Special Ticketed Event
James "Murr" Murray
2:00 PM Friday August 2
at The Pen


Limited to 100. Each $26 ticket comes with a book

James Murray "Murr" signs The Brink, An Awakened Novel (Harper $25.99)

More Ticketed Events

Ticketed Event  ($27 book admits one; $32 admits two with one book)

Sandra Brown signs Outfox (Grand Central $27)


Craig Johnson signs Land of Wolves (Viking 28$)

Our 30th Birthday!

Joe Hill in conversation with Leslie S. Klinger
and introducing the Haunted Library Series debuting in January

Hill signs Full Throttle (Morrow $27.99)

Can't attend? Please order books in the usual way.
Our August Calendar
Limited to 100. $28 includes one copy of the
The Brink
No reserved seating. Admission begins at 1:00 PM. Limit of 2 personal books
James Murray "Murr" signs The Brink, An Awakened Novel (Harper $25.99)

Murray is a TV personality and comedian doing a PM show at Celebrity Theater August 2, hence his 2:00 PM event at The Pen
The Transfixed Correspondence (Sherlockians) meet to discuss "The Empty House", the triumphant return of Sherlock Holmes after three years of the Great Hiatus.
Snacks! Non-members welcome.
Rhys Bowen signs Love and Death Among the Cheetahs (Berkley $26)
Her Royal Spyness
CJ Box signs Bitterroots (St Martins $27.99)
Cassie Dewell
T Jefferson Parker signs The Last Good Guy (Putnam $27)
PI Roland Ford
Our copies of both books come with photos of these two buddies fishing, each book a different photo
Ticketed Event   ($27 book admits one; $32 admits two with one book)
Sandra Brown signs Outfox (Grand Central $27)
Official Romance Day
Heather Redmond signs  Grave Expectations (Kensington $26)
Eliza Emmett signs A Love Made to Measure (Wild Rose $12.99)
Liana de la Rose signs To Love a Scandalous Duke ($14.99)
Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child sign Old Bones (Grand Central $28)
Nora Kelly #1 Signed by both authors
Lincoln Child participates by Skype
Preorders accepted now as we often sell out 
Steve Cavanagh signs Thirteen (Flatiron $26.99)
Lawyer Eddie Flynn in a sensational legal thriller
Lisa Lutz signs The Swallows (Ballantine $27)
Two investigative journalists
Billy Jensen signs Chase Darkness with Me (Sourcebooks $25.99) 
True Crime
Hank Phillippi Ryan signs The Murder List (Forge $27.99)
Bryn Greenwood signs The Reckless Oath We Made (Putnam $26)
Karin Slaughter signs The Last Widow (Morrow $27.99)
Will Trent
Stephen Coonts signs The Russia Account (Regnery $27.99)
Coonts will be joined by 3 former CIA agents turned authors
Dave Austin signs Tehran's Vengeance ($12/99)
Thomas Pecora signs Guardian : Life in the Crosshairs of the CIA's War on Terror (Post Hill Press $27.99)
Mike Trott signs The Protected (Archway $29.95)
William Kent Krueger signs This Tender Land
(Atria $27)
A coming of age story; think Huck Finn
Coffee & Crime : No Meeting
SciFi Friday : August 16 7:00 PM
Valente, Catherynne. Space Opera ($14.99)
Croak & Dagger : Saturday August 17 10:30 AM
Bannalec, Jean-Luc. The Fleur de Sel Murders ($17.99)
Hardboiled Crime: Thursday August 29 7:00 PM
Dennis, Ralph. Atlanta Deathwatch ($16.99)

Selected Summer Nonfiction
Callahan, Maureen. American Predator (Viking $27)

Investigative journalist Callahan provides a chilling true-crime narrative in this deta iled study of Israel Keyes, whom she describes as "a new kind of monster, likely responsible for the greatest string of unsolved disappearances and murders in modern American history." In 2012, a multi-jurisdictional search for Keyes, believed responsible for abducting 18-year-old Samantha Koenig from the Anchorage, Alaska, coffee kiosk where she worked, led to him being stopped for speeding in Texas. In his wallet, the police found Samantha's driver's license. Keyes confessed to killing Samantha, but was less forthcoming about other murders he said he'd committed, and the exact number of his victims was unresolved at the time of his suicide in custody, though he is believed to have killed at least 11 people over 14 years. The text is replete with disturbing revelations such as Keyes having carefully studied books by the FBI's top experts on profiling and serial killers. Through Callahan's access to many of the key players in law enforcement, she has produced the definitive account of a terrifying psychopath, says PW in its Starred Review. True Crime, powerful stuff.
Conway, J. North. King of Heists (Lyons $18.95). 

On October 27, 1878, thieves broke into the Manhattan Savings Institution and stole nearly $3 million in cash and securities-around $50 million in today's terms. Bringing the notorious Gilded Age to life, Conway tells the story of those who plotted and carried out this infamous robbery, how they did it, and how they were tracked down and captured. The robbery was planned to the minutest detail by criminal mastermind George Leonidas Leslie-a society architect and ladies' man whose double life as the nation's most prolific bank robber led him to be dubbed the "King of the Bank Robbers." The New York Times proclaimed the 1878 heist "the most sensational in the history of bank robberies in this country."
Guinn, Jeff. The Vagabonds (SimonSchuster $28). 

I grew up with summer road trips, loving them. My father took us on jaunts from Chicago all the way to British Columbia, the West Coast, the Southwest in our Buick Roadmaster-all before air conditioning and interstates and motel chains. We used actual maps! There were still glaciers in Glacier National Park. Snow covered Yellowstone. Route 66 was becoming the Mother Road. Today millions pile into cars, set their GPS, make on-line reservations, and hit the road. But back in 1914, a road trip wasn't part of our culture. Henry Ford and naturalist John Burroughs went to visit Thomas Edison in Florida and drove (a Ford, naturally) around the Everglades. The next year they added Harvey Firestone, a Ford supplier, and embarked on a summer camping trip. It was hardly roughing it given their support team, but where were paved roads? Gas stations? Restaurants? Motels? The self-styled Vagabonds kept up their summer drives until 1925 when their fame made it burdensome. But those years embedded the automobile and the mobility it afforded into American culture which today has morphed into global mass travel on an unprecedented scale and debates about the ubiquitous automobile. Guinn give us another terrific piece of journalism you can embrace like fiction. And reminds us that Ford seriously considered running for President in 1924 but a trip with Coolidge persuaded him Cal was the better candidate.
Hunt, William R. America's Sherlock Homes; The Legacy of William Burns (Lyons $19.99). 

Burns was director of the FBI, shortly before J. Edgar Hoover. But before he became director, Burns had a long, highly publicized career as a detective for the Secret Service, then led the famed Burns International Detective Agency, which competed with his rival, the Pinkerton Detective Agency.
Lloyd, Keith Warren. The Great Desert Escape (Lyons $26.99)

25 determined German U-Boat crewmen tunneled from their Scottsdale, AZ, POW camp, crossed the unforgiving Arizona desert, and attempted to return battle. It was the only organized, large-scale domestic escape by foreign prisoners in U.S. history and sparked one of the country's largest manhunts ever. 

Betty Webb used this true story and its Papago Park setting for one of her very best PI Lena Jones investigations, Desert Run ($15.95), linking murder in the present to that great escape. I recommend it highly. Patrick plans to set up a program/signing for Lloyd at a later date.
Turner, Erin H. Outlaw Tales of the Old West (TwoDot $18.95)

Massacres, mayhem, and mischief. 50 stories of rustlers and robbers, crimes of passion, and some of the wannabe outlaws who couldn't quite pull it off, some of the most fascinating-and least known-badmen to roam the lawless West. If you chance to be in Santa Fe there's a room in the New Mexico History Museum devoted to the fascinating stories of badmen and lawmen that may surprise you.
Our July Books of The Month
Join Up for July-December
And here is the July First Mystery Book of the Month Selection
Now is the Time to Join a Club or Clubs for July -December and earn at $25 Gift Card in December and a free Advance Reading Copy (selected by us) with your August book

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British Crime Club One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Baker, Jo.   The Body Lies
Cozy Crimes Club One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Wilson, Andrew. Death in a Desert Land
Discovery Club  One paperback or hardcover per month
Patterson, Jorge Zepeda. The Black Jersey
First Mystery Club  One Signed First per month
Nieh, Daniel. Beijing Payback (Ecco $26.99)

Hardboiled Crime Club  One signed First per month 
Scott, J. Todd. This Side of Night
History/Mystery Club  One Signed First per month 
Williams, Beatriz. The Golden Hour
History Paperback  One per month
Sullivan, Laura L. Milady
Modern First Editions  One Signed First per month
Vuong, Ocean.  On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous (signed copies sold out)
SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Club  One Signed First per month
Miller, Tom. The Philosophers' War - add the first book
The Philosopher's Flight
for a $44 package
Surprise Me! Club  One Signed First Per Month
Sager, Riley.  Lock Every Door
Thriller Club  One Signed First per month
McKinty, Adrian. The Chain

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Arcadia Farms Cafe
A Neighbor and Partner and a place for some parking nights this week
This delightful cafe has been in business almost as long as The Pen.

It is located just East of us on First Avenue, the Cafe and the Marketplace. Both dangerously caloric but also offering wellness eating. There's event space too.

We'll be doing some joint events. 

Meanwhile if you are looking for some summer fun, I recommend you check out a special  events menu (like cooking classes) you can attend and then stop by and browse The Pen.

Or get up a lunch bunch and then hit The Pen. The salads are amazing too.

And note the cafe's generous offer of parking in the evening (unless the cafe has an event) by The MarketPlace and on either side of its event space on the south side of 1st Avenue. I added it to our regular Parking and Drinks/Dining section. Parking is a real bear as downtown Scottsdale builds up.
Parking, Drinks & Dining
and a generous offer from Arcadia Farms Cafe
We suggest when you can you come early to The Pen (chairs go down around 5:00 PM or 1:00 PM for afternoon events), reserve your seat(s), and explore our vibrant Old Town Scottsdale neighborhood.

Parking is more difficult sometimes because of the restaurants (editorial comment -- the City of Scottsdale's parking policies suck!). We've given you locations beyond our parking lot. 
Search for them under Parking

Good News: Arcadia Farms Cafe has generously offered us its parking for evening events when needed. You can also park just south of our lot between the alley and Main Street.

One reason we don't have a cafe or bar in The Pen is there isn't enough dedicated parking to allow one.

Enjoy --there are all sorts of food and beverages on offer.
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The Mystery-of-the-Month Club is individually tailored to each customer's specific tastes.  Just let us know what kinds of mysteries you enjoy, whether your looking for signed hardcover books or paperbacks, and we'll take it from there!
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