The Community Engagement team experienced a productive and gratifying July, marked by a series of engaging activities.

The team gathered for a delightful summer celebration at Shady Beach to foster connection and camaraderie. Then, the Community Advocates and backbone team enjoyed a splendid time at the Youth Business Initiative's Annual Basketball Tournament and Community Day. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to YBI for graciously hosting this event, which brought us together for a meaningful experience.

Continuing the momentum, The Teen Night Out Initiative orchestrated its inaugural Summer Field Day & Cook Out at Cranbury Park on a Friday evening. This initiative is dedicated to providing free, healthy, and socially enriching activities for our youth. The event featured a range of exciting activities, including a relay race, delectable food and ice cream trucks, and the highlight of the day—a thrilling and spirited water fight. The event drew 56 enthusiastic students from Norwalk, and we are immensely grateful to all the partners, chaperones, and Norwalk youth who actively participated in the planning and attended this event.