“In my last play at Emerson College, I played Antigone and on the last night as people
dried their tears and applauded, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to Kid Power for everything. The homework help, the guidance, the encouragement, the drive to give back to
my community and lift it up, and for believing in the power of kids. As Haemon says
in Antigone, ‘If I seem young look less to my years and more to what I do.’” 
-Felicity Poussaint, Alumnus and Kid Power Alumni Coordinator
Seventeen years ago, our Founders started Kid Power from a strong conviction that today's youth can be agents of change. To see their vision become a reality as we launch our Alumni Program, and witness former students standing up and improving their communities, is nothing short of inspiring. From engineers to teachers, our alumni share one important directive, the importance of giving back and building stronger communities.

Today, we share our next chapter of growth. After months of strategic discussions, landscape analysis, and meetings with funders and community members, we are acquiring Mentors, Inc . In its 30-year history, Mentors Inc. has supported over 4,000 middle and high school through mentoring partnerships, and we will continue their journey by using their evidenced-based program model, community partnerships, and dynamic staff to help our alumni students navigate high school and beyond. Last year, Mentors, Inc. participants achieved a 100% high school graduation rate and 82% college acceptance rate.

A few weeks ago, we recognized the acquisition with D.C. leadership and Kid Power and Mentors, Inc. partners. During the event we heard from Priscilla, a remarkable young woman and Mentors, Inc. alumni. 
“When I first met my mentor Elizabeth, I was struggling academically and emotionally in
high school. I didn’t have hopes of continuing my education after high school. Our
conversations would help me let go of my troubles and overcome my challenges. Thanks to
the knowledge and wisdom from Elizabeth, I was able to get into my top choice for college
at the University of Maryland. The impact she has had on my life has been immense
and I really look forward to the day I can do the same for someone else.”
Despite steady academic growth, the fact remains that too many students are falling through the cracks. Only 30.5% of DC Public School (DCPS) students met grade-level standards in Math and only 35.1% in English Language Arts (ELA) . Without critical tools and opportunities at a young age, students are at risk of dropping out of high school and becoming disengaged from their communities. In fact, only 68.5% of all DCPS students graduated high school on time . In some lower-income communities, less than half will graduate from high school.

Kid Power students demonstrated 64% and 60% proficiency in Math and ELA, respectively. They gained positive social behavior; demonstrated increased nutritional and civic knowledge; and developed critical thinking and communication skills. Our new Alumni Mentoring program will help these students continue to thrive after they age out of our school-year and summer programs. The research is loud and clear, mentors set the stage for lifelong success by providing encouragement, access to resources, and the ongoing support youth need to achieve their potential.

Our Founders lit the torch, and YOU have been vital to ensuring that the flame burns bright within each of our students. I ask that you continue your generosity with a gift to support this critical acquisition to strengthen our young leaders like Priscilla and Felicity, as they become tomorrow’s agents of change.
Warm Regards,
Andria Tobin
Executive Director, Kid Power, Inc. 

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