October 2017
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Miniature sofa & painting 
Miniatures by Bluette Meloney 
The Showcase of Miniatures is so good that enthusiasts fly into San Jose from the East Coast to attend! If you are lucky enough to live nearby, you'll have an opportunity to see this spectacular show on the weekend of October 7 and 8.
With 100 vendors, exhibits, and lots of activities, this charming event is fun for all ages. Invite your mom or dad, your grandkids, or a friend to join you for a few delightful hours at this annual fundraiser for PlaneTree Health Library. Here are details.


How important is it to cook with iodized salt?
The results of a new study may reassure women who take hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

A concise, comprehensive guide to preventing falls also includes step-by-step instructions to help you get back on your feet more easily.
Here is what is known about the effectiveness of -
Lower Back Pain
A respected medical journalist has summarized what researchers have learned about the effectiveness of the common approaches to treating lumbar back pain: exercise, chiropractic manipulation, over-the-counter and prescription pain medications, massage, surgery, acupuncture, and others. We highly recommend her article for anyone coping with acute or chronic back pain.   

Declines in Vision or Hearing
Research suggests that uncorrected hearing or vision loss may lead to declining cognitive and mental health. If you - or, just as importantly, your loved ones - suspect you cannot hear or see as well as you used to, experts recommend prompt evaluation and treatment.  
If hearing aids are recommended, this excellent guide to hearing aids, hearing aid providers, and savvy shopping will be helpful. If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, a less expensive option may be a high-quality, over-the-counter personal sound amplification product (PSAP).

Caregiving Costs Around the U.S.
Long-term care expenses - at home or in a facility - depend a great deal on where one lives. If you are thinking of relocating after retirement, you can use this website to compare the average costs of home health care, home-making assistance, and assisted living and skilled nursing facilities in many American communities.
Stem Cell Therapy
Stem cell therapy holds a lot of promise, but so far it is known to be effective for only a few conditions - a limited number of blood, immune system, metabolic, and bone marrow disorders. If a doctor or clinic suggests you receive stem cells to treat any other condition, check that you will be participating in an FDA-approved research study and discuss your plans with your regular doctor.  
A " Patient Handbook on Stem Cell Therapies" from the International Society for Stem Cell Research has guidance for anyone considering stem cell treatment. If you are curious about what stem cells are, where they come from, and why scientists are so excited by them, explore this FAQ page.
Be especially wary of clinics or doctors attempting to attract new patients via print or online advertisements touting stem cell therapy. Many of them offer stem cell "treatments" that are neither proven nor regulated, may waste your money, and can be quite dangerous.
Alcohol During Pregnancy
It is well-established that a mother who drinks a lot during pregnancy can cause her child to be born with the physical and/or mental defects of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). However, how much a woman can drink before her child might be affected is unknown. Experts advise pregnant women against drinking any alcohol because of this uncertainty.
A recently published study examining the effects of light-to-moderate drinking sparked a spate of misleading news reports. Here is a more accurate reflection of the researchers' conclusions.  

All events are open to the public. Some require pre-registration.
.....* Fee for participation
.....^ Scroll down the linked page

Los Gatos - Thursdays
San Jose - Tuesdays & Thursdays
Mountain View - Tuesdays
Mountain View - Thursdays
Free flu shots for adults 
Santa Clara - Tues., 10/3
Santa Clara - Tues., 10/3
Infant & child car seat installation
San Jose - Tues., 10/3 & 10/17
Mountain View* - Fri., 10/20 & Sat., 10/28
Disability awareness & resource fair (scroll down for details) 
San Jose - Thurs., 10/5 
San Jose - Fri., 10/6
Mountain View - 6-week session begins Fri., 10/6
Mountain View - Sat., 10/7
Mountain View - Tues., 10/10
San Jose - Tues., 10/10 
Mountain View - Wed., 10/11
Los Gatos - 4-session class begins Wed., 10/11
Breast cancer prevention (in Mandarin)
Los Gatos - Sat., 10/14
San Jose - Sat., 10/14 & Sun., 10/15
San Jose - Mon., 10/16
San Jose - Mon., 10/16 
Palo Alto - Tues., Oct. 24
Sunnyvale - Tues., 10/24
Santa Clara - Thurs., 10/26
San Jose - Thurs., 10/26
Palo Alto - Thurs., 10/26
San Jose - Mon., 10/30
Los Gatos - Thurs., 11/2
Santa Clara - Fri, 11/3

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