Our Favorite New Infant
(and Toddler) Items
Glo Pals 4 Pack
$4.80 (50) Glo Pals
Bolli Rattle
$5.00 (24) Ogo
NFL Baby Paper
$4.00 (12) Baby Paper
Construction Set
$25.00 (3) Haba
Farm Animals
Poke Poppers
$2.50 (30 asst)
Innovative Kids
Squeeze and Squirt
Bath Toy
$4.00 (6) Hape
Stay Put Rattle Set
$6.50 (3) Hape
Munch It Blanket
$6.50 (6) Malarkey Kids
Medium Asst. Balls
$2.50 (12) Rubbabu
My First Farm Animals
$11.00 (6)
Smart Max/Smart Toys
Big Plus Plus Basic 15pc
$5.00 (6) Plus Plus
10 Little Dinosaurs
Board Book
$5.50 (1) Tiger Tales
Pup In A Cup 12pc
Mini Puzzle
$6.00 (4) Crocodile Creek
Elephant Baby
Shower Blue
$12.50 (6) Yookidoo

First Words Poke-A-Dot Books $5.00 (20 Asst)
Innovative Kids
Chew Cubes
$6.50 (6) Malarkey Kids
Zoo Keeper 'N Cars
$7.50 (3) PolyM/Hape
Match The Baby Puzzle
$8.50 (4) Banana Panda
Black and White
Flash Cards
$7.00 (10) Banana Panda
My First Farm Tractor
$13.75 (6)
Smart Max/Smart Toys
Penguin Musical Wobbler
$7.50 (3)
Employee Theft - A Cautionary Tale
When I had my store, I had a large amount of merchandise that was being stolen by employees. I know it was employees, as of one point, I was missing 25 easels that were stored in my basement. As brazen as my customers were with stealing, I knew them. I had to face the unfortunate reality, that it was my staff.
There's another form of employee theft that occurs, (which to the best of my knowledge I didn't have) this revolves around "returns".
I asked one of my stores, who was targeted by this, how it works. "We have a customer list in our software system. Typically when a customer makes a return, we look up the customer, see their history, and then credit their credit card. The customers our employee was pulling up, were not really there. She picked random items that were not really being returned. She then did a return by item to her own personal credit card under random names. In our system, you can do a return by ticket, or by item. (She did it just by item)
Previously, our return policy was a staff member could issue a credit to any customer as long as it was within 90 days, and the customer had a receipt. We have now changed out our policy. Two people must sign off on returns."
Kids, Animals, and Your Store
As many of you know, I feel strongly that the continued success of brick and mortar stores rests with continuing to build ties with the community.
While most of you make toy donations when solicited, it's the events that your store holds, that I think is the key. I was recently at a store that had a petting zoo that came to her store. They had it set up on their sidewalk and parking lot. The event drew hundreds of people. The increase in sales more than paid for the expense of the petting zoo. Having such a fun time for kids, both brings in many first time customers, as well as strengthens ties to the community.
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