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Friday, December 2, 2022: Twice a week we bring you informational, educational, inspirational, and entertaining messages. This edition showcases the following topics:

  • Tuesday Inspiration – Do as I Say, Not as I Do.This is the first article for Leaders' Digest written by David Sakrison, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Leadership Institute, the nonprofit sponsor of Our Better Angels. David notes the following about the article you can access here on the OBA website: "Some years ago, an informal time study found that managers in private industry waste as much as thirty percent of each eight-hour workday in unproductive, non-work-related activities. I suspect that things have not changed all that much. No doubt, these same managers were telling their subordinates to use their time wisely and productively. But consistency between words and actions is one of the hallmarks of good leadership. And inconsistency, “Do as I say, not as I do,” fosters cynicism and mistrust. Thanks, David.

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