Our Bi-Polar Israel Existence


As a nation we are constantly pulled between the extreme poles of ecstasy and tragedy. We are either celebrating the wonders and miracles of our existence, or else grieving over the loss of our loved ones.


We go and create a great country out of the ashes of the Holocaust, only to be immediately struck with anxieties and fears over existential threats from our hostile neighbors.


We win wars, thank God, against all the odds, but then we must agonize over the aftermath and consequences of every conflict.


Every reason we have to celebrate must come with a warning against over-confidence.


Even our calendar echoes this bi-polar existence in Israel. Our numerous and joyous holidays are interspersed with no less than six Fast days of mourning reminding us that we are never too far from some ominous event - or some reason to rejoice.


Our latest ongoing war is a source of some measure of depression amongst our people, as we worry where all this is going. Many wonder out loud what possible solution there can be to a seemingly insoluble predicament.


But we also know that we have weathered every imaginable storm throughout our history, and with God's help we will successfully navigate this latest crisis as well. We will certainly come through to even greater glory.


As we are preparing our children for the insecurities of a September 1 new school year that might be cancelled for security reasons, or ponder our upcoming Jewish Holidays and whether or not we will be with beloved family and friends, it is surely time for all of us to seek our shelter and strength in the wings of the Almighty in the knowledge and faith that our greatest moments are yet to come.


God bless all of you our dear family and friends.


David Lazarus 

At Beit Immanuel Congregation we assist a number of families in crisis with prayers, intensive counseling and practical helps. 
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The Team at Beit Immanuel

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