Our Biggest Moments in 2019
We believe it is possible to end global hunger. Over the past decade, we’ve tackled some of the world’s most complex problems at their roots –  all so families, communities, and entire nations can build a brighter future.
 Today, millions of people are living free from poverty and hunger around the world. As we head into a new decade of action on global hunger, check out our 2019 year in review for the partnerships, progress and programs from this year that are making an impact.
From forging new collaborations with U.S. businesses and universities, to investing in research and innovation, to empowering women economically to promote growth and stability, Feed the Future is working to make the vision of a food-secure, resilient and prosperous world a reality.
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Photo credit: Dave Cooper for USAID
Feed the Future is the U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative.