The Online Quagmire - Making It Work
Vendors selling their own products online is always a contentious issue. Here is one vendor who I feel is in the forefront of this very difficult issue, balancing both the needs of consumers ,as well as supporting brick and mortar. This is what they just sent out:

HABA Online:
"At some point you’re going to get a retailer that complains about us selling direct on our website. The response why we do it is simple. 
First , the public expects we will have a website showing our products. 
Second , we  (and your retailers)  would rather customers found our product on  our  website than on Amazon. 
Third , our website will never undercut the retailers. 
Fourth, and most importantly , we attempt to send customers into brick & mortar stores at every turn. We have the Shop Local button at the top of the page and the Buy Locally button on each item. If they are on , their local customers will find them!"

This is a company I am proud to represent.
Shashibo - Our New Biggest Hit?
This beautifully designed magnetic puzzle cube that can transform into 70 shapes captivated our customers at both the Atlanta Gift Show and Toy Fair.
It's both enjoyable to just play with and to create various shapes, as well as being educational. In addition, it's downright beautiful as well. Distributed by Fun In Motion Toys.

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$10.00 (pk 12)
We've Been Busy -
We're excited about our New Lines!
Modarri/Thoughtful Toys
One of the first items on the market that encourages both girls and boys in beginning engineering skills for young children. Innovative designs allow you to build your own car, while not using any small pieces. New in 2019 is a NASCAR Race Truck with cars.
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According to SRA Rep Rachel Jones, "It's as if Bananagrams had babies with Mindware's Crazy Letters". $10.00 (pk 8) Click Logo to view Catalog
Marble Genius
I love the fact that not only do these Marble Runs light up, but that they also make sound. Our 3 leading ones so far are Dinosaur, Wacky, and Space. I addition they have an Ocean One.
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Steve Spangler Science
Oobleck has been a strong seller for us right out of the gate. "It's a special mixture of powders created to replicate real quicksand." What's really great is it goes easily from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid. That's not all, it glows in the dark. 6 colors to choose from $5.00 (pk 6) Click Logo to view Catalog
While we love having high quality (and retro) Yo-Yo's for $2.00, we love what else this 90 year old company has to offer as well. Frisbees, Gliders, Brain Puzzles, Boomerangs, and lots of outdoor toys, all priced very well. Click Logo to view Catalog
One of our favorite outdoor items of all time has returned. Imagine a safe 27" throwing toy that could be tossed up to 200 feet Looks like a combination giant foam dart with a foam football on the end. Plays great. $7.50 (pk 16)
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Aeromax $150 = 5%; $300 = 10%; $600 = FFA
Ann Williams Group ASTRA members $800 = FFA; $400 = 1/2 FFA
Asmodee $400 = FFA
Autruche $100 = N30
B4 Adventure $1750 = FFA; $2500 = N60 and FFA
Baby Paper $100 = N30
Banana Panda $500 = FFA
Benjamin $100 = N30