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Your Vision Has Lived On
Over the last couple of years, I have had a number of retail store owners who just want out. They've done it for 20 years, everything is okay, but the frequent comment is "I think I'm just tired". So the thought arises - "Do I close, or do I try to sell?"
The good news, that I am here to report, is that selling is a viable option. Just off the top of my head, I can think of eight stores that have sold in the past two years.
"How do I sell my store? Do I list it with a business broker?" In my very unscientific survey, 25% of the sales were with a broker. 75% of the sales were through connections of some sort.
Personally, I sold my store through connections. Then six years later it was sold through a broker. What's the message in this? It's twofold. First, yes you have the opportunity to sell your store (if it is priced right). Second, both avenues of selling - through a broker, and through the community are viable options, I recommend exploring both.
Don't make a sudden rash decision and close suddenly. (as one of my stores recently did) Give yourself 9-12 months, to find a buyer for your store. You will appreciate both the money, and that your hard work and vision, has lived on.
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