We are pleased to share our newly updated look. This visual brand refresh is not a redesign, but an evolution. As the largest global third-party relief fund administrator, our updated branding reflects our continued commitment to providing exceptional service for our Fund Partners, Applicants, and Grant Recipients around the world.
Our Mission & Purpose is the foundation of our brand. EAF was designed solely to administer comprehensive disaster and hardship relief funds. This focused mission allows us to keep administrative costs low, shorten the time between application submission and grant award, and rapidly respond to evolving and emerging needs.

We have immense passion for what we do, and we know that many of those we serve are experiencing severe financial hardship. This understanding drives every interaction with our Applicants and Grant Recipients, as well as our commitment to supporting our Fund Partners as they endeavor to help their own.
EAF currently administers 300+ Funds around the world, serving 10 million+ employees. This year alone, we have awarded 160,000+ grants both domestically and internationally, and our team has more than doubled in size. Our 100+ team members, located across 10 different time zones, are ready to respond through every crisis.
"We were struggling because we lost everything we needed to survive during the hurricane, and the aftermath was terrible. The grant has helped us get back where we need to be and helped replace everything we lost. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"The pandemic has been very hard on my family as it has for most. We were facing a housing crisis and possible eviction. When I saw the grant was approved and was able to stay on top of housing payments, I cried. This has been such a blessing."
"I can't say enough about the level of gratitude I have. My family has comfort knowing that there are people and organizations that are willing to help. We can rest a little easier tonight. Though the struggle continues, your support has lifted us up and provided a much-appreciated boost."

"Initially I was able to take care of my medical bills, but then I needed treatment after treatment and test after test. Then surgery and traveling. I had no idea how I would pay for any of it. The financial assistance took away a lot of the stress. I'm so grateful."