Catholic Charities Hurricane Relief Effort
Catholic Charities Hurricane Relief Effort

Two weeks ago Houston was hit by a Category 4 hurricane named Harvey by the World Meteorological Organization. Hurricanes and Tropical Storms are nothing new to Houston, in fact they are fairly routine. The Gulf Coast lies along the westerly trade winds so cyclonic activity naturally funnels in that direction. But Hurricane Harvey was a different storm. Harvey was a very slow moving hurricane that sat in the gulf and picked up energy and moisture. When it made landfall it stalled northwest of Houston and unleashed a torrential downpour.
Damage from windspeed was relatively minimal but Houston flooded very heavily. To put it into perspective: Hurricane Katrina had 16.33 inches of rain which broke the levees in New Orleans, Hurricane Andrew had 13.96 inches of rain, and Hurricane Sandy had 12.55 inches or rain, those three powerful hurricanes total 42.84 inches of rain. Harvey had rainfall recorded as 51.88 inches (11 trillion gallons of rain). Meaning: Harvey had more rain than the other three hurricanes combined!
As you can imagine so much rainfall caused incredible devastation. Harvey is on track to be the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history with the destruction of $190 billion in property and assets.  But in human terms well over 1 million people were displaced and over 70 people have perished. A multitude of people have lost their homes and businesses. Of course, the National Guard and FEMA were mobilized but the outpouring of concern and help from ordinary Americans has been incredible. Catholic Charities is also getting involved in the disaster relief effort.
Catholic Charities is doing more than just collecting money. They have deployed Mobile Response vehicles to San Antonio and Houston to distribute necessities of living like food, water, toiletries, etc. Catholic Charities is also housing thousands of Houstonians who have lost their homes or their neighborhoods are still too dangerous to enter. Individual Catholics are also responding in kind. Jim "Mattress Mac" MacIngvale is a local celebrity and furniture store dealer who opened up his store, Gallery Furniture, to National Guard troops and stranded Harvey victims.
Right now, Catholic Charities is asking for bottled water, diapers, baby formula, cleaning supplies and toiletries of all sorts, pet food, and gift cards for gas and grocery stores, as well as monetary donations. In the next few weeks, Catholic Charities and the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston will be focusing on assistance with cleanup and assessment of the damage to the homes of the Catholic Charities clients in communities hard hit by Harvey.
If you want to contribute to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort please click on the link below and give according to your ability. 

Important Upcoming Dates!

September 9 - Fr. Francis' Installation Mass
September 9 & 10 - Septemberfest
Fr. Francis' Installation Mass
Please join the St Josaphat Parish Community for the Installation Mass of Fr. Francis commissioning him as Pastor.

Saturday, September 9th 2017 at 5PM with reception after. All are invited!

Bishop Kane is Presiding.

Septemberfest this weekend!
Septemberfest starts this weekend after Fr. Francis' Installation Mass.

Friday Sep 9: 5-10pm
Saturday Sep 10: 11-4pm

Purchase tickets and sign up to volunteer at the link here.

Childrens RCIA
Has your Child been Baptized and received Reconciliation and Fist Communion?

Enroll in RCIA for Children on Tuesdays evenings from 6pm-7:30PM.

Tootsie Roll Drive!
The Knights of Columbus and SPRED will be selling Tootsie Rolls at all Masses for the benefit of Special Olympics and our own SPRED Ministry.

The Tootsie Roll Drive was started here in the Archdiocese of Chicago and is now global.

Please purchase a Tootsie Roll to help the vulnerable and underserved.
TOTS Playgroup
Are you looking for a playgroup for your lil Tot?

Are you looking to connect with other mothers of Tots at St. Josaphat?

The Tots Playgroup meets Thursday mornings in the Rectory Dining Room from 10-11AM.

Homeless Outreach:
Signup to help with the Homeless Outreach Program HERE!

We need volunteers on weekdays for about 2 hours. The Food Pantry operates from 9:30-11AM.

No experience needed!
Sacred Instrument Program
I'm looking forward to starting up the Sacred Instrumental Program (this is year five!). We rehearse on Fridays (starting September 22nd) during the recess hour and contribute to the music at several Family Masses throughout the school year. If your child does not attend St. Josaphat School, I can meet with him/her separately. This year, I would also like to feature the SIP at the Parish Christmas Concert (Dec. 18th) for the first time.

September 22nd -- First rehearsal (weekly) 

December 3rd -- 10am Family Mass 

December 18th -- 7pm Parish Christmas Concert 

January 14th -- 10am Family Mass 

February 4th -- 10am Family Mass 

March 18th -- 10am Family Mass 

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