July 2018

In his book, "Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions", George Barna gives us some very interesting statistics: ". . . the probability of someone embracing Jesus as his or her Savior was 32 percent for those between the ages of 5 and 12; 4 percent for those in the 13- to 18-age". This statistic is mind- blowing to me. It doesn't mean that we should give up on sharing the Gospel with those around us, however, it should be a major wake up call to us as parents and church members to concentrate more of our time on those "little people" that we so often tend to forget about, ignore or (as often happens here in Croatia) close off in a special "play room" so that they don't get in our way. All the while forgetting that these "bothersome" seemingly endless sources of energy are the potential future of our church; and unless we capitalize on the time that we have with them NOW, it is highly probable that, the future will be lost!


For this reason in the month of June, we put a large portion of our concentration and energy into planning a youth camp for our teens and hosting a Vacation Bible School for our children. Both were hailed as huge successes.

According to our teens (and teens from other churches) this year's camp was the best camp they'd ever been to. Daniel and Gris Behin (our youth leaders) along with a couple of other student leaders spent hours planning tons of activities that would be fun and bring across the message they wanted the teens to take home with them. Not only did the teens take home "information" about the Bible and God, but the last night the Holy Spirit showed up so strong that most of the teens spent 30- 45min weeping before the Lord- an experience that I believe will not be forgotten.

This year's VBS was also an amazing experience. Once again we hosted a team of Korean volunteers from Washington D.C. They lead the VBS while Croatian volunteers assisted. Our children fell in love with the team, and are still singing and dancing to the songs they learned. The adults that assisted were inspired and we plan on leading the VBS on our own next year in Croatian.


As you know, Mario is presently traveling in the US.  The intent of this trip is to encourage the Church of America, meet new people and leaders with which he can collaborate, and make people aware of what the Lord is doing here in Croatia. His travel itinerary has been posted on his Facebook page. If you would like to meet with him while he is in the US, feel free to contact him at any time (469 230 3222). Bonnie and the kids are missing him of course, but are keeping busy with various camps and activities that they have planned for this summer.
Thank you all for your amazing love and support. We pray that you all have a blessed July!
Mario & Bonnie!

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