We had our annual Flag Ceremony after service after church last Sunday. We make sure the kids participate in the event so that they develop a proper respect for our great country and its wonderful symbol: the Stars and Stripes. We show them how to take the old flag down from the flagpole and how to dispose of it properly. (One of the ways is to cut it into four pieces. See video). Then we raise up the new flag for another year of inspiration. Afterward we sang a rousing rendition of God Bless America and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Perhaps if more Americans took the time to share some of the great traditions of the past, we’d see less flag burning and more saluting. (Yup, we do things a little differently in the Hill Country of Texas, away from the big city.)
Brandon gave his life to the Lord after our Thursday Night Service!

He had been coming to our church since November because he wanted his daughters to have a strong moral upbringing. Week after week, his family showed up—they were even on time! Then they started coming to our Thursday Night service where we discuss the previous weekend's message, enjoy a fellowship meal, pray and sing hymns.

About a month ago, I gave him the Gospel, using the Law to convict of sin. After about 45 minutes he wasn't ready to believe. Though he was an agnostic, he couldn't buy into Jesus being the only way.
Two weeks ago, I had everyone close in a short prayer; even Brandon prayed.

After last Thursday's service, while his wife Jessica, (who's a believer), played with their kids at our playground, he knocked on my office door and asked to talk.

He said he had been reading Revelation and saw that he needed to repent before it was too late. Add to that, his eyes were opened when, in one of my sermons, I had mentioned that the rioting was inspired by Satan. The clincher was when he prayed last week and realized he was praying to Someone, and that his prayers mattered.

Brandon then said he wanted to give his heart to Jesus. I repeated the Gospel message, asking him if he believed that Jesus died for his sins, was buried, and on the third day rose again. He did. I then asked if he was willing to repent of his sins. He did. Then I asked him to pray. He did.

Jesus said, "I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

Rejoice with me. And pray for our new brother in the Lord, Brandon.

By the way, Brandon is getting baptized this Sunday, on his birthday. He said he's celebrating his birthday and re-birthday together! (This was written with Brandon's full permission.)

We started back studying The Sermon on the Mount.

I did a quick review of the first 20 verses with a short explanation of each verse, and a question for you to consider.

Want to gauge where you are with the Lord?

Watch this message.
"The Sermon on the Mount: Rewind/Fast Forward" (31 min.)
The City of Los Angeles, through a cease and desist letter, has threatened the church and Pastor MacArthur specifically with a daily fine of $1000 or arrest for opening their church in defiance of a state order to cease all indoor worship services. (Read it here.)

7 years ago I warned LA Mayor Eric Garcetti that God would hold him accountable for his actions. Obviously, he didn't listen since he's persecuting pastors like John MacArthur. I guess he ignored the message on the Gospel tract I gave him. (Watch the 15 second video.)
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