Our Clients' Top Five Design Requests

Our Clients Have Good Taste! 
Each New Year brings with it a renewed sense of purpose and desire for improvement. If 2018 has you resolving to change your space for the better, follow the lead of our clients.  Our clients' design requests include some of the hottest trends in 2018.

Soak in Style with Freestanding Bathtubs
With bathroom renovations, freestanding bathtubs are hands-down the number one request Shea Interiors receives from clients.  It's easy to understand, given the "wow" factor they can add to any new bathroom. Beautiful as well as practical, today's freestanding bathtubs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. This fixture is sure to become a favorite "getaway" spot in your home, providing a luxurious soak any time you like.

Step it Up with Large Format Floor Tile
Think big...very big! Today's tile is stepped up with popular sizes including 24 x 48 rectangles as well as 30 x 30 and even 40 x 40 squares. With less visual distraction from grout lines, large tile creates a sleek, chic look which makes it a top request from our clients.
Keep it Real with Natural, Light-Toned Wood
Whether it's flooring or furniture, light-toned wood is on fire in 2018's design world. Perhaps the hottest style of the moment (and one of the most requested from our clients) is light rustic wood, which adds warmth and intimacy to a room.
Go for the Gold with Golden Brass Fixtures
That's right, brass is back! Whether you are renovating a kitchen or bathroom or simply adding the crowning touch of a beautiful light fixture, golden brass is the current "brass ring" in design trends.  With this said, stainless steel and polished nickel remain favorites of our clients.  Try a mix of both gold and silver tones which can create an eclectic, welcoming atmosphere.

Mix it Up with Modern-Rustic Style
Shea Interiors clients simply can't get enough of modern-rustic style. By mixing new with old, a modern-rustic approach keeps spaces interesting and inviting. A rustic wood floor topped with fresh, modern furnishings is a "classic cool" look that we predict will stand the test of time.

If you crave some interior design change in the new year, Shea Interiors can help you spice up your space while making clean, classic selections that will bring you joy not only in 2018 but for years to come.

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