The Mason-Dixon line exists in the American imagination as the line demarcating “Dixieland”, the land of the south, of human bondage and states’ rights issues, the mythic fallen hero, and the home of the “Blues”. In fact, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon surveyed the line prior to the Revolutionary War to resolve overlapping English land grants to the Penn and Calvert families, two families fighting over property. The line extends east to west bisecting Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia, and vertically, north to south between Maryland and Delaware.

Traveling to the Mason-Dixon Line for the last five years, Bill has been piecing together a collection of Mason-Dixon ephemera-visual fragments of life on the Line.

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Mason Dixon-American Fictions will be exhibited at Gallery Kayafas in October 2020.

Image © Bill Franson
Photos courtesy of the artist
and Gallery Kayafas