Today, we want to convey our steadfast commitment to supporting the children, youth and families in South King County and South Seattle. We must continue the work to break down barriers and create opportunity in our education systems so that all of our children - regardless of race, ethnicity, immigration status, ability, economic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, country of origin or religion - can achieve their goals. 

It is our diversity that brings strength and pride to our communities. Thank you to the many Road Map Project partners and community leaders who contribute to the incredible work being done each day to support young people. We remain committed to advancing equity and making our region a welcoming, inclusive space for all of our children and youth.

-The CCER Team

The Road Map Project is a region-wide effort aimed at improving education to drive dramatic improvement in student achievement from cradle to college and career in South King County and South Seattle. 

The Road Map Project is supported by the Community Center for Education Results (CCER), a nonprofit organization.

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