To our Community,

For 10 years Youth N.O.W. has been committed to being a safe space, a nurturing community where we walk alongside our local students lifting them up to achieve their dreams and aspirations through personalized services. We work to not only help academically, but cultivate critical social and life skills in our students while practicing and modelling values of respect and integrity so that they will thrive and contribute to the success of their community. 

As systems across the country work to address systemic racism, Youth N.O.W. will continue to advance social and emotional learning in our programming in ways that develop our youth positively, as well as that support our schools and community in their larger efforts toward equity and excellence. We understand that in recognizing that Black Lives Matter , we are a part of a movement to create a safer, more just world for our children to inherit. We also recognize that in our position working with youth daily, we have the direct responsibility to model behaviors and choices that steer our youth’s lives in a positive direction. We need to guide them towards a concern for others and a desire for justice in our world. When we as Youth N.O.W. provide a safe space, we mean a place where respectful relationships are fostered so that youth will value the importance of all people in our community and everywhere.  

Not only should we as an organization speak up and promote change where we see inequity and unfair practices and treatment of others, but we have the responsibility to raise children to stand up against unfair practices, speak up for others, defend the innocent, and understand that justice should be valued as much as any other trait and characteristic in ourselves and others.  

The work is hard and with the immense task the country has ahead to choose courage over comfort, Youth N.O.W. is committed to working collaboratively with our partner organizations and actively have a role in building a safe, inclusive and thriving community.

With kindness,

Michele Chaney 

Youth N.O.W. Executive Director
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Cultivating Success 2020
Although we weren't able to meet in-person and hold our annual dinner event, that did not stop us from celebrating our amazing students and their accomplishments. Thank you to Inspira Studios for working with us to create a video event to honor our youth. We are so proud of them!

To learn more about how you can receive a video link, email:
Thank you to Oliver Property Management, Driscoll’s, Santa Cruz Community Credit Union, and Graniterock for sponsorship of our event.
We would not have been able to do this without their support!