Dear Valued Customers,

Please know that during this extraordinary time of caution and concern, we are here to support you in our collective battle against the spread of COVID-19.  Every member of our team stands ready to serve your needs. They are properly trained and equipped with protective gear in order to ensure every facility we service is thoroughly cleaned.

If your facility has been temporarily closed down to protect your own employees, our professionals stand ready to handle deep cleaning projects only possible when a facility is not occupied by people.  

While other businesses are closing, we remain open and ready to fulfill our responsibility to help our customers follow CDC recommendations for on-going sanitation and to provide even more thorough guidelines for disinfection and deep cleaning your entire facility. 

These are unique and challenging times for all of us, but we are pulling together to find the right solutions and the “can do” attitude to support you and your employees.  

Our unyielding commitment remains to do our part in delivering the safest and healthiest environments possible. Thank you for allowing us to serve you during this trying time and beyond.

Please call us 24/7 with any questions, concerns or requests.  We are here to serve you and our communities with our dedicated team of professional cleaners.

With our sincere regards,
The Sunshine Cleaning Family
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