Starting January, 2020...

Go paperless & Receive your
Our Community News through Email !
Beginning this January, you can receive your newsletter by email before it hits mailboxes. Email delivery will offer the newsletter to your inbox the day we print. Depending on which postal code you live in, that can make a difference of up to two weeks between the time you open your email and the time your newsletter arrives at your home.

Taking the step to go digital also helps lower printing costs so Federation funds can be applied back into other programming and services. And that’s not the only perk benefit!
Going digital means that you...
• Get the newsletter the day it prints!
• Have access to it on any digital device that has email and can open a PDF document.
• Help the Federation get the most of campaign dollars.
Less paper in the mail pile to recycle next month.
To change your subscription to digital delivery via email,