An Update From CCF-LA | April 14, 2020
From the Archbishop

After months of spiritual preparation for Easter and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Catholic schools are on break this week.

Our students, teachers and staff will benefit from this time off to grow spiritually, just as they have been growing academically through “distance learning.”

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, our schools have continued to provide an excellent character-building and faith-based education for each student, even those in our most vulnerable, urban areas.
It is our responsibility as a Catholic community that school salaries and benefits continue to be paid, especially at this time, when families are suffering from the loss of jobs and are unable to pay any tuition.

We are working with each school, so please contact our superintendent, Paul Escala, at to find out ways that you can help.

-- The Most Reverend José H. Gomez
Dear Clients and Friends,

There is no time better than now to make a grant from a Donor-Advised Fund. Just think about the power that one person has in making one grant while being connected with the broader impact of over 200 funds that CCF-LA manages.

That’s the exponential power of a community foundation. We bring like-minded individuals and organizations together to make a big charitable and social impact in our world. Faith and values-based organizations need your support to bring social services, education, healthcare, food, and shelter to those most in need.

In these days of social distancing and isolation in our homes, it is easy to forget the people we see every day on our commutes—the homeless, the children walking to school, the healthcare providers on their way to medical buildings, the housekeepers, gardeners, barbers, and restaurant workers on their way to do meaningful jobs, the peace officers and ambulance drivers, and the delivery-truck drivers… these are the people who need our help now.

Our world has changed. Let us not leave the forgotten behind as we adjust to a new normal.

Most sincerely,
Kathy Anderson
President and Executive Director
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