January Newsletter - 1st Week            Jan 12, 2017
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Our Consciousness is Everything! 
  Hello !
I hope this letter finds you full of enthusiasm for life!  Being back in Alaska, I find myself being drawn to the  feelings I experienced in Hawaii. I’m so grateful for all  the little pieces that came together and helped me
figure out what works for me. The next step is getting  the resolve to create a life that is even more supportive  of my, mind, body and soul.

With that in mind, are you aware of what fully supports  your mind, body and soul? Do you have the resolve to  create a life that supports you? This can be tough. Lots  of people find themselves at a loss in relationships, poor  health, and experiencing lack. Where did it all unravel  and how do you rebuild? This is a life long journey of  balance, trust and self love. First things first, care for  yourself. Meditate, pray, eat healthy foods, rest. Allow  creativity to guide you in life. Do more of what makes  you happy. Find a group that supports you and your life  style. Choose one of these things and do it daily.  Slowly add more of these basic care life ingredients into  your life. Trust that you are worth the changes that need  to take place for a life of wellness. P.S. It can be as easy  as meditating daily.

I am thinking about offering a closed group online
will explore self care techniques.
This is an alternative 
to one on one coaching.
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Calling in YOUR Dreams!
Messages from the Universe
 Please read the message below as though it is
coming from a higher source.....these are not Polly's words. 
An additional note about channeled words....
When I receive messages to share in my newsletters, it comes out really fast.  The words almost flow on top of each other.  I go back and edit
and try to clarify it so others can understand the message I receive.  
I believe it’s more important to connect with the way you feel
with the words, and then try to understand them.  
Although these are challenging concepts to understand!  
  A Channeled Message for You!
The energetic shift.... Our Universe is made up of  frequencies of emotions and feelings (think of matter  being made of up thoughts, feelings and emotions).... all  of the changes in the universe (your life) are in  response to our (your) energetic feelings. To  understand this.... it’s where we allow our minds to go  that produces the shift of insight. Thus, when you spend  time in peaceful studies or peaceful actions, this brings  peace to all your awareness and your life experiences.  Your awareness is the depth of your spiritual mind. All  beings have available the same energy, be it a guide or  angel or person, there is no difference.... except the  ability to see an expanded, deeper version of what  energy is.

Spiritual beings are made up of your energy  and vice versa.... This allows us (Angels, Guides) to  communicate with you, to be you.... We are you. We  wish you to realize that the absolute genuine love and  compassion that exists within us, is in you also and it’s  always available. Our guidance and support is always  available. Again, this is how we communicate with you.  You release your thoughts, emotions, and we respond. To  understand this on a bigger scale.... It’s not so much as  separate energy responds, but your more aware energy  responds thru the universal energy. For example, when  you are sending out thoughts to the universe....it is you  that delivers the response from the universe, and  remember the universe is you. To understand this on  a greater level.... there is no separation. We are all  energy, everything.... so when you communicate with  angels and guides, you are communicating with a higher  source of you. Our entire energy source is love and  adoration.

And yet people find the need to explore the what  ifs.... What if we are not all love.... What if we are sick.... W hat if....

Do not worry so much about the state of mind of others.  We all exist in harmony at any given moment. To  remember that there is no difference in how things are  created, be it a cow, human, planet, stone. We all exist
in this perfect understanding and balance, because we  are all one.
~ End Channeled Message
This was a very interesting message to me because it shows how  there is no separation between myself and the energy  that shares messages with me. We often hear there is no  separation, but to understand on a level that  acknowledges us to be the same energy as source,  angels, divine beings....

I guess it sums it up to say we  are all
spiritual beings in all ways, always.
May compassion and awareness guide us,
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