Our Covid-19 Prevention Policies

Mandatory Covid-19 Screening:
you will receive a questionnaire by email 24 hours prior to your appointment.
Please note the following changes to our screening:

We require you to reschedule your in-person appointments if:
  • you are symptomatic of any respiratory infection (coughing, sneezing/congestion, sore throat, fever of 37.8C or higher)
  • you have received your second Covid-19 vaccination at least 2 weeks ago but have experienced Covid-19 symptoms within the last 7 days or someone in your household has
  • you are unvaccinated for Covid-19 (or have not received your second dose at least 2 weeks ago) and have experienced Covid-19 symptoms within the last 10 days or someone in your household has, or you have been in close contact with someone who is positive for Covid-19
  • you have been directed to self-isolate by a Health Care Provider or Public Health Official

We require this form to be completed prior to every in-clinic appointment. If you have a virtual appointment (phone or video) scheduled, please disregard the screening questionnaire email. If it is a Naturopathic Consultation, you can change to a phone/video consultation instead.

Sanitizing Hands - everyone must visit the washroom upon arrival (turn right once you reach the second floor) to wash their hands well with soap and water, and then please also use the hand sanitizer provided at our door on your way in. 

Masks - everyone is asked to please wear a mask when in the clinic that must fully cover your nose, mouth and chin.

Please come alone to your appointment unless you require assistance (or for children). We also ask that you come right at your appointment time rather than early. This helps us to minimize the number of people in the clinic at a time and increase our physical distancing.

Payment processing - currently, we are not accepting cash payments. We recommend taking advantage of our direct billing service (to your insurance provider), or credit card (to tap) to minimize time spent in our reception area, however Debit transactions are also available. 

Clinic Sanitization - we have increased measures and frequency of cleaning in the clinic as a whole and treatment rooms, linens, and all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between clients. We also have multiple additional air purifiers located throughout the clinic.
We are very excited to welcome Ana Thakur to The Root team! She is an experienced Registered Physiotherapist focusing her practice in musculoskeletal injury assessment, recovery, and prevention. She incorporates patient education, manual therapy for joints and nerves, soft tissue release techniques, k-taping and targeted exercise regimes to help you achieve your goals.
Naturopathic Medicine
Our Team of Naturopathic Doctors will continue to provide Virtual Care (phone/video consultations) predominately during this time. For those that require an in-person assessment or Naturopathic Acupuncture treatments, all in-clinic Naturopathic appointments can be scheduled by phone or email through reception.

Our Consultations are thorough -
everyone deserves that kind of care.

Naturopathic Meal Plan Service:
available for all Naturopathic Patients
Includes a 30 minute consultation as well as your custom Meal Plan!
Insurance coverage may apply
"We give you the why, and this gives you the how"
Acupuncture, Cupping, & Reiki
(for insurance this is covered under Acupuncture). During Mary’s Acupuncture treatments she also incorporates other therapies as needed including Tui Na Massage, Reiki, Cupping, Moxibustion, Guided Meditation & Breathwork, and chinese herbal prescriptions.
She truly crafts a healing experience for you on all levels.
Massage Therapy
Our RMT Angie's goal is that you her treatments not only relax your body, but also create an opportunity to reset and calm your mind. Her goal is that you will feel a long lasting sense of rejuvenation, regained focus and increased energy.
Pediatric Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

New virtual service available with Amanda Mallette, Physiotherapist (& Mama): Children's concerns including incontinence, constipation, frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs), an inability to sense bladder fullness or infrequent voids, or bedwetting.
Book now! (all sessions are virtual)
Products & Tea
Our Curated Dispensary of products & teas are always available for purchase. Natural Health Product packaging is sanitized upon arrival to the clinic, and protective precautions are taken when blending teas. We will continue to offer our "contactless pick-up" service during our reception hours (listed below).
Shipping for products is also available.

Our blends of "Dr. Lauren's Teas", & patient custom blends are also available through our Online Tea Shop with options for shipping or free contactless pick-up.
Credit Card Policy for Virtual Care

We will no longer be accepting e-transfer and require a credit card to reserve all appointments. For Virtual care, payment can be processed through Credit Card, or Direct Billing and the Credit Card on file can be reserved for any balance.
For in-clinic visits, we accept Direct Billing, Credit Card and Debit.
Thank you for understanding :)
Cancellation Policy

We kindly request at least 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule any appointment. Please know our cancellation policy for all appointments will now be:
Less than 48 hours notice - 50% of service fee
Less than 24 hours notice - 100% of service fee
We require a credit card on file to reserve your appointment
with the agreement to honor this policy.
We thank you for your consideration for our practitioners as well as those that would love to have your appointment time, especially in this busy time of year.
Reception Hours
Monday - Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 10am - 3pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm
Online Booking Service
To schedule your next appointment please feel free to
give us a call, email or click:
Direct Billing to your Insurance Provider
* Reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.
* Eliminate insurance paperwork
* Increases physical distancing within the clinic

Let's set you up!

Our Philosphy
At The Root we provide you with holistic health care that focuses on addressing the cause of disease and illness, rather than merely the symptoms.

We believe in helping our patients build the foundations for optimal health and that without them, any medicine is simply masking the problem.

A safe, confidential and compassionate environment is created for each patient, allowing space to heal without feeling rushed or unheard.

We look forward to guiding you on your road to optimal health!
Our Services
  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Medicinal Loose-Leaf Herbal Dispensary
  • Registered Massage Therapy
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (RMT)
  • Nutrition Services
  • Acupuncture, Cupping, TuiNa, Reiki
  • Physiotherapy
  • Natural Heath & Skin Care Products
  • Lab testing (including blood work, salivary, & urine testing)
  • Virtual Pediatric Pelvic Physiotherapy
"Experience The Root"
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We want to thank all of you for your continued trust in our care and for your reviews and referrals. Because of you we received these and other accolades over the years. We are so proud of the level of care we provide for our patients and grateful for your support! YOU are the reason we do what we do.
Sincerely, The Root Team 
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