Our Crepe* Myrtles Need a Little TLC
A recent article on nola.com gave a great overview on the care and attention crepe myrtles need to flourish. When properly cared for they live for many years and look beautiful. When ignored, they do poorly and look terrible. Two key take-aways:

1) Prune the "suckers" from the main trunk. These are the small offshoots emanating from the main trunk.

2) Do not weed eat against the trunk. The outermost bark is very thin. Cutting or damaging it opens the tree up for disease.

The City, along with volunteers, is making a concerted effort to address those trees on city property. I ask the same of our residents that have crepe myrtles.

If you'd like to adopt a downtown tree, a few trees or a block to help care for, e-mail me : )

*The traditional Southern spelling is "Crepe Myrtle" because the delicate flowers resemble crepe paper. However, across the US, it is more commonly found as "Crape Myrtle". In addition, the American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia uses the spelling "Crape Myrtle". Hence, my spelling vs. Dan Gill : )
Finally, please do not commit crepe murder:
Boston Street Asphalt Overlay
Notice to Contractor to Proceed: July 21st
Reminder: East Boston Street from Claiborne Hill to Acquistapace's along with 21st Avenue from Acquistapace's to S. Tyler and S. Tyler past the Tchefuncte River are also LA State Hwy 21. As such, it and all of its traffic signals are under the jurisdiction of the State DOTD.

Special thanks to Senator Patrick McMath and Representative Mark Wright for securing the funds to overlay East Boston Street.
US Hwy 190 Bridge
Claiborne Hill to Collins Boulevard
The construction of a new bridge over the Bogue Falaya River and widening of Collins Blvd is LA Department of Transportation and Development's (DOTD) jurisdiction. Design for a new bridge is currently 90% complete and expected to go out for bid near the end of this year.

The improvements of Phase I will extend from the river to a traffic circle at Lee Road.

And that's a good thing.

As with most projects, speculating on a completion time is an exercise in futility.
Nose Park Neighbors
To receive updates and meeting notices specific to Nose Park, please Sign-up Here : - ).

New walking track, maybe a community garden?
More Happenings
Mattress / Furniture Removal
Few things are more unsightly than a mattress or furniture soaked and rotting on our street shoulders.

As always, you can request a pick-up from our waste company, Coastal Environmental Services. One can usually expect service in less than 10 days.
At a recent Coffee and Conversation with the Mayor, one resident noted that in the past, mattress companies included the removal of the old mattress in their price (or added a fee). With the advent of internet purchases, this is no longer the case ... leading to more mattresses roadside.

She suggested that rather than waiting 7 - 10 days for a pick-up, one can contact a local "junk" hauler to remove junk / mattresses / appliances for a nominal fee in a day or two. Just a thought.
Assistant Planning Director
Job Opening
The City is now taking applications for an Assistant Planning and Zoning Director.
For details on this and other job openings:

Also, a great webpage to know about is the City's "How do I" page.

Click here to visit: How Do I?
Mayor Mark's Fun Facts

Enjoyable time recently at the St. Tammany Chamber's "State of the Cities" breakfast. After the blah-blah of city business, I switched to St. Tammany trivia aka

Mayor Mark's Fun Facts.

Let's play along ...

Unincorporated St. Tammany
Slidell, 13th Largest City in LA
1) The population of Slidell proper is 27,000. Question: What is the population of greater Slidell?

(Answers to all questions at the bottom of the page)
John Slidell
2) True or False: In 1830, Slidell’s Founder, John Slidell, settled on the west side of the Pearl River. He then built a lumber mill on Bayou Bonfouca near Front Street. He traversed from home to the mill on a pathway which today is Gause Boulevard.
Bernard de Marigny's Sister's Grandson
Bernard de Marigny de Mandeville

3) True or False:

Bernard de Marigny de Mandeville’s sister’s adopted
Governor William CC Claiborne

daughter’s son married Governor CC Claiborne’s daughter and they lived in Lewisburg. 
Bond, James Bond
4) True or False: In 1973, Sean Connery filmed the James Bond movie “Live or Let Die” on Bayou Liberty and Bonfouca in and around Slidell.
Chinchuba Village
Aint D'ere no More
5) True or False: In 1902, the Chinchuba Institute for Deaf Mutes complex accommodated 49 children and was run by 14 Sisters of Notre Dame. The settlement once included a post office, a train station, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church, the Institute, numerous homes and farms. Located northwest of Madisonville on Dummyline Road, all that remains today is the cemetery.
The Answers
Slidell's Population
1) Greater Slidell's population is about 90,000 people with only 27,000 living in the city limits. The rest, like most residents of the Parish, live in unincorporated St. Tammany Parish. Similarly, the residents of Metairie do not live in a city. They live in unincorporated Jefferson Parish.
Bernard de Marigny's Sister's Grandson
2) True: Bernard’s sister, Celeste Marigny Livaudais had a ward, Marie Tabiteau, who married Covington’s founder, John Wharton Collins. Collins received $2,000 dowry from the Livaudaises, then bought the property we know today as Covington from Jacques Dreux, great-great-great (not sure how many greats) uncle to Donald and Keith Villere, former respective mayors of Mandeville and Covington. John Wharton Collins served as aide-de-camp to Governor Claiborne in the Battle of New Orleans. Governor Claiborne had a family compound near the Chimes restaurant, the area we know as Claiborne Hill. The white building in front of the Chimes is the Claiborne Courthouse built in 1818.
John Slidell
3) False: In 1830 a settler named John Gause (not John Slidell) settled on the west side of the Pearl River, then built a sawmill near Front Street and Hwy 190. He traversed from his cabin to the mill on what we know today as Gause Blvd.

In 1888, John Slidell's father-in-law helped finance the construction of the railroad, the New Orleans and Northeastern, around the east side of Lake Ponchartrain. The depot near Front Street and US Hwy 190 was named Slidell after the son-in-law.
To my knowledge, John Slidell never visited Slidell.
Right Place, Wrong Bond
4) False
Roger Moore filmed "Live or Let Die" in and around Slidell in 1973 (not Sean Connery ; ).

He was such a Saint.
Chinchuba Institute for Deaf Mutes
5) All is true except the location: Founded in 1890 by the Archdiocese of New Orleans, the Chinchuba Institute for Deaf Mutes complex accommodated 49 children and was run by 14 Sisters of Notre Dame. The settlement once included a post office, a train station, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church, the Institute, numerous homes and farms.

Chinchuba was actually located in present day Mandeville along Hwy. 190 between the Post Office and Parc du Lac subdivision.

After burning down in about 1940, the school relocated to Marrero where it continued to operate until June of 2019.
Chinchuba Institute was one of the first schools in the nation devoted specifically to teaching hearing-disabled children to speak.

... But there is a Dummyline Road

The Dendinger family had a sawmill located on the Tchefuncte River in downtown Madisonville (next to the old Friend's Restaurant, now Tchefuncte's). Dendinger descendants include the Poole family we know today.
The family owned all the property from the Tchefuncte River to the other side of Ponchatoula ... all the way to Springfield. The sawmill had a train that ran out into the forest. The loggers could cut trees and load them onto rail cars bound for the mill. The track did not go anywhere.
It was a "dummyline." Today, we know it as Dummyline Road.
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