April 2017
Food for Thought and Thought for Food

Letter from the National Coordinator
Dear Members and Supporters,

In a political climate where basic rights seem constantly under attack, it is difficult to know how to focus your energy toward creating positive change.  It is easy to experience feelings of paralysis in the face of so much injustice.    

We have to remember that although there are new threats to our basic civil liberties, we cannot let the current administration keep us on the defense.  We must push forward our work to create and promote agricultural supply chains that are healthy, just, and sustainable.      

In the upcoming months, the DFTA is continuing its work to spread the word about domestic fair trade and equity throughout agricultural supply chains.  Join us at one of our upcoming events, on one of our committees, and on social media ( facebook and twitter) to help us continue the work of advancing and promoting domestic fair trade.  


Erika A. Inwald
National Coordinator

P.S. Check out our latest article, " The Future of Domestic Fair Trade," in the Cooperative Grocer Magazine.
Where We've Been and Where We're Going
So far in 2017, the DFTA has been busy making sure that the voice of our members are being heard.  We've attended the HEAL Food Alliance Summit, the Just Food Conference, and the Fair Trade Federation Conference, as well as presented a poster at the Harvard Just Food? Forum in order to spread the word about domestic fair trade and explain that our vision of fair and just supply chains is possible.

We have a lot more work to do to raise awareness about sustainability and equity in our agricultural system! Join us at our upcoming events: 
  1. #May1Strike: As part of our work with the HEAL Food Alliance and in support of our member, the Food Chain Workers Alliance, we are supporting the nationwide call for a general strike.
  2. Fair Trade Day Celebration and Festival: World Fair Trade Day is May 13! Join us in Brooklyn, NY to help support fair trade vendors and learn more about domestic fair trade.  Email us if you are interested in being a vendor.
  3. DFTA Minneapolis Fundraiser Event: The next in-person DFTA board meeting will be June 21-22 in Minneapolis, MN.  On June 21st, join us at our fundraiser event featuring experts on Domestic Fair Trade to help support our work.
  4. DFTA Birthday Fundraiser: Our National Coordinator is celebrating a milestone birthday this year.  Join us in Brooklyn, NY this August to help her celebrate and raise funds for the DFTA!
  5. 2nd Annual Domestic Fair Trade Conference: The next DFTA conference, including our membership meeting, will be this December in Atlanta, GA.  We are still looking for a space.  Have an idea for a location in Atlanta?  Email [email protected]
Want to help plan or volunteer at one of our events?   Contact us!
Our Committee Work 
There are many ways to help advance the work of the DFTA.  This year we have four committees:
  1. Promotional Committee: Currently planning a domestic fair trade promotional week.
  2. Conference Planning Committee: Currently planning our 2nd Annual Domestic Fair Trade Conference in Atlanta, GA.
  3. Membership Outreach Committee: Works throughout the year to vet and recruit new members.
  4. Research Advisory Committee: We're currently formulating new research projects.  This committee will help shape our research agenda.

In addition to our committees, we also provide comments throughout the year for certification bodies that are producing new or revised standards.  For more info on this work, check out our latest blog post.

In April and May, we will be working to provide comments for the Agricultural Justice Project's revised standards.   Email us today to get involved!
Support the DFTA Today!
We need your help to realize our vision of more domestic fair trade.   Give now via PayPal  to help support fair and sustainable agricultural supply chains! Your donation will help grow our movement and create positive change in our agricultural system.

Photo Credit: Esther Magasis