Nov. 17, 2023
Thankful for Our DPS Community
Dear Team DPS/DPS Community,

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation for our community of dedicated educators, students and families here in Denver Public Schools. In this season of reflection and gratitude, I want to thank you all for working together to help us make DPS a place where Every Learner Thrives.

School leaders, thank you for creating school environments where students thrive, teachers shine, and the entire school community feels a sense of belonging.

Teachers, thank you for the countless hours you spend planning, teaching and supporting our students every day.

Support staff, thank you for being the driving forces behind the smooth operation of our district and doing your part in ensuring students and staff have what they need to succeed.

Families, thank you for continuing to partner with our schools and the district so that we can continue to make improvements that best serve your children.

Our students, staff and families are the foundation of our district's success, and I am honored to be a part of this exceptional community. I wish everyone a restful holiday break with loved ones, and look forward to our return to finish 2023 off strong.

In collaboration,

Dr. Alex Marrero
DPS Superintendent
Reminder: The DPS 'Your Voice/Tu Voz' Family Survey Extended to Dec. 1
To ensure that we hear from all our families, the DPS “Your Voice/Tu Voz” family survey has been extended until Friday, Dec. 1! Responses to the survey inform decisions on how we can better serve our DPS community. Complete the survey by Dec. 1 to be entered to win one of 10 $20 King Soopers gift cards. Click here to access the survey directly and provide your feedback. More information is available here.
Wholly Kicks at Castro Elementary
Last week, Castro Elementary students received a special gift: new shoes provided by the nonprofit organization Wholly Kicks, as well as the Denver Police Department

“At Castro, we are always looking for ways to help out our families in the community. This event was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be and that’s great. We are always looking out for the best interest of our students and families,” said Eve Ulloa, Parent/Community Liaison for DPS.

Over 130 pairs of shoes were handed out to excited DPS students. 

“Students will pick out their own pair of shoes, go back to class and then go home and show mom and dad their sweet new pair of shoes,” said Tyg Taylor, Founder and Executive Director of Wholly Kicks. 

Watch as students run, jump and test out their new shoes in this heartwarming video.
Discovery Link at Beach Court Elementary
Social and emotional learning is a priority at Denver Public Schools. With the new Discovery Link location at Beach Court Elementary, more of our DPS children are receiving a well-rounded education designed for the Whole Child. The community expressed a need, and the DPS Foundation helped meet that need. Families now have another resource available to them, thanks to donors. To learn more about what Discovery Link programming offers, watch our video with special guests from the community at Beach Court!
LGBTQ+ and Allies First Annual Student Banquet
DPS LGBTQ+ community members and allies gathered for their first annual student banquet. The banquet was filled with love, inspiring words and empowerment sessions aimed at uplifting students.

“I hope the students walk away refreshed and empowered by what they’ve seen -- by being in a community with so many other queer students, by hearing from queer leaders and queer poets and from learning how to use their collective power to advocate for the changes they want to see in their schools and in their communities, and in the laws that affect us all,” said Skye, a senior student at Denver School of the Arts who had a speaking role at the banquet.

Watch the first annual event here.
Student Voice & Leadership Challenge 5280: Fall Roundtable Event
On Wednesday, Student Voice & Leadership (SVL) hosted the Challenge 5280: Fall Roundtable Event. Students in the Young African American and Latinx Leaders program and in the Student Board of Education program came together to engage in a day of learning, healing and dialogue for action. Students were able to attend workshops that spoke to the DPS Student Bill of Rights, social-emotional learning and environmental justice. They engaged in healing justice work through yoga and tai chi practices. 

Students were joined by community members, educators and district leadership to share the social issues they see in their schools and the root cause analysis work they have done thus far in their journey toward finding solutions.
Inspiring Futures: The Power of Storytelling for DPS Teams
Lumière Bukasa, a DPS Community Engagement and Events Specialist, recently gave a TEDx Talk highlighting the transformative power of storytelling in education and the world!

As members of the DPS community, our stories shape the learning experience. This talk explores how storytelling can inspire people to become more, foster connections and drive positive change. Stories have the power to captivate, motivate and instill a love for learning. Let's harness this power together to inspire and elevate our students. Watch, reflect and let's weave stories that make a lasting impact! Watch the TEDx Talk here.
Place Bridge Academy Teacher Shares Expertise on Parent Teacher Home Visit (PTHV) Program
Carrie Richardson is a bilingual newcomer teacher from Place Bridge Academy and a long-time Parent Teacher Home Visit (PTHV) practitioner. Carrie recently had the honor of representing the DPS PTHV Program as a guest speaker at the a webinar hosted by the Institute for Educational Leadership

Carrie has worked with immigrants and children of immigrants her entire career and was able to share her experience with over 100 non-profits, community organizations and educators. She shared how she intentionally leverages the research-based PTHV model to make deeper and more impactful connections with her newcomer and immigrant families! Carrie did an amazing job at this webinar, and she made DPS and the PTHV program very proud!
November is Family & School Partnership in Education Month in Colorado!
Community Hub parents and participants celebrate the completion of their ESL class with their instructor!
Family and Community Engagement (FACE) is constantly aiming to increase impact, support and uplift our families’ voices. We've had many reasons to celebrate this year, below are some of our highlights! 

  • The Parent Teacher Home Visit (PTHV) program continues to grow! Since July, DPS has completed over 3,700 visits, trained over 300 educators and has more than 90 participating schools in the program. 
  • On Monday, Community Hub families celebrated getting job opportunities and graduating with their GED in DPS at a DPS Board Meeting. Parent voices provide invaluable perspectives and foster trust in DPS. This engagement inspires community involvement and sets the stage for deepening positive parent engagement with our district.

To see more of the impacts of our FACE, check out our Impact Report in English and Spanish.
"Our Word is Our Bond" Bond & Mill Levy District Newsletter Fall Edition
We are thrilled to share the fourth edition of "Our Word is Our Bond" a Bond and Mill Levy district newsletter covering all bond construction updates happening at over 200 schools across our mile-high city. Learn about what upgrades have been happening lately in this fall edition of the newsletter

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