May 19, 2023
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The Long-term Safety Plan Survey and Your Voice/Tu Voz Family Survey Close Sunday, May 21
The Long-term Safety Plan survey is open now through Sunday, May 21. After reviewing version 1.0 of the Long-term Safety Plan, please share your thoughts on this version of the plan by completing the interactive survey. 

The DPS Your Voice/Tu Voz Family Survey has been extended through Sunday, May 21. This survey is your opportunity to share your experiences in DPS. Your input is valuable to how we shape our System, Adult and Student Experiences.

We know that surveys take time to complete thoughtfully. Please know that your completion of these surveys is critical to helping DPS address safety in all our schools and provides a blueprint on how we can work toward ensuring Every Learner Thrives.
Graduating Student Feature: Jackeline Carrillo, Bruce Randolph
Bruce Randolph senior Jackeline Carrillo, has some sage advice at her young age. “If you’re interested in something, do it. If you’re scared you’re not going to make friends, or that it’s just going to be you -- so what?! It’s a new experience, it’s going to be fun.” It makes sense she is so wise because she has accomplished a lot in her four years at Bruce Randolph. 

Jackeline is a cheerleader, she’s on the Student Panel and Prom Committee, and she is a member of the National Honors Society. 

“My parents didn’t get to finish high school, so I think finishing high school and going to college is a really good opportunity. I want to take advantage of all the opportunities I’ve been given.”

Jackeline will be attending Regis University and is pursuing a career in criminal justice with a focus on creating a more equitable justice system for people of color. Watch her interview and get inspired!
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Spotlight: Elvina Htoo
Elvina Htoo serves DPS as an Asian Education Advisory Council board member, a Senior Team Lead, Language Content Lead and English Language Development teacher at Place Bridge Academy. Elvina volunteers in multiple nonprofit organizations, including being the Refugee Congress delegate for the state of Colorado, a History and Research committee member at Colorado Asian Pacific United (CAPU) and an instructor for Karen Baptist Churches of the United States in the Literacy & Culture Department.
Mental Health Awareness Month Spotlight: 2020 Mill Levy Override Transforms DPS Mental Health Programs
In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we are shining a light on the important work our mental health providers bring to our district each and every day. We have highlighted the positive outcomes of mental health programs in schools that were implemented in the Mill Levy Override, which passed in 2020. 

Did you know that thanks to our Denver voters, we were able to add a new level of care? It was implemented in the fall of 2021 at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, and help came just in the nick of time because, in May of 2021, Colorado Children’s Hospital declared a state of emergency for pediatric mental health. 

Mental health is tough, but we are tougher. Learn more about the ways DPS has risen to the challenge of creating therapeutic healing inside of our community, and find out more about the specific programs available in our schools here.
Watch the Seal of Biliteracy Video Recap
Eight years ago, the Seal of Biliteracy program was born at DPS. Its mother, the Multilingual Education (MLE) Department has been a proud parent and protector of its baby, protecting it from birth through infancy and now into its elementary years. The Seal of Biliteracy began as a dream, a way of celebrating the majesty of bilingual learning and learners. We continue to honor the students who embark on the adventure of a bilingual education, who choose to become proficient at the college level in two or more languages. Dream on, learners! Watch here.
South High School Recognized as National Historic Building
If history being made had a sound, what would it be? Could it possibly be the sounds of applause at South High School? Last week, Denver community members gathered together to celebrate South High School being officially recognized as a national historic building. The school has a rich history, but don’t take it from us -- watch the ceremony for yourself here!
Watch this Week’s Episode of Marrero Moment
In this episode of Marrero Moment, Superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero highlights our skyrocketing graduation rate, which is currently the highest in the history of Denver Public Schools! Watch him answer your other burning questions, like what his favorite celebrity encounter has been, and discover the origins of his infamous Marrero salute. Watch this week’s episode here.
EDUCA Podcast Episodes in Vietnamese!
MLE Department Services
Lunar New Year
Check out this week’s EDUCA Podcasts in Vietnamese! Van Trinh, Asian Community Specialist Consultant at DPS shares with us more information on the Multilingual Education Department services and the Lunar New Year.

You can now listen in to all the DPS content like the EDUCA Show, Marrero Moment and others on your favorite podcast platform. Listen here. Download the DPS Podcast on your favorite player here.
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