What a perfect fortune to open on Earth Day eve, especially considering what the Ponte Vedra Corporation has been pulling lately.

We're getting writer's cramp, responding to all of the mistruths perpetrated by PVC's lawyers. Most recently, in an otherwise informative article about Save Guana Now's preparations for a PZA hearing, PVC's lead attorney was quoted as saying residents have pressured the county to "change the rules." She provided no actual evidence. It's just an unfounded smear against us because PVC has been so busy  -  trying to change the rules. (More details in our upcoming letter to the editor.)

PVC's attorney also claimed that “All PVC has ever asked for is a fair hearing in front of the county commission, applying the existing comprehensive plan to their application.” 
Thanks for the laugh, Ponte Vedra Corporation. In fact, PVC has been trying every possible strategy to circumvent public input, from suing the county to requesting an administrative interpretation regarding the limits of the Outpost's conservation designation. Fortunately, a judge recognized the need for public hearings.  PVC now claims to be pleased with his decision. Our response. >>>

In other mistruths, PVC has accused us of claiming the Outpost is "rife with endangered species."  We've never made any such claim, and have carefully spelled out which species (designated threatened and species of special concern) have the potential to exist at the Outpost. PVC claims there's a low probability of roseate spoonbills and other imperiled birds being near the Outpost. We have photographs to dispute those claims.

PVC is also twisting facts and taking liberties with numbers in their Master Development Plan, and their attorneys' bizarre interpretation of a footnote on the Future Land Use Map shows how truly weak their case is. 

In an act of civil disobedience, someone recently removed all five of our yard signs flanking the gate into the Outpost; the signs were legally placed on properties that abut the Outpost. Perhaps our signs would ruin their Earth Day festivities? We later found all five signs hidden nearby.  They can hide our signs, but they can't hide the truth: 
We're getting closer to the first hearing - for which we still have no date, thanks to PVC. Their attorney admitted in that same article that they're still working on a response to the county's feedback. (It's been 19 days now.) 

We hope you're outside enjoying our beautiful earth on Earth Day 2017. And we thank you for helping to save a 99-acre piece of it from the bulldozer.  We'll keep you posted on any and all developments. You'll find mini-updates on our Facebook page . (And major updates too.)

Tune in to 89.9 radio station WJCT at 9 a.m. on Monday morning; we'll both be on Melissa Ross' show First Coast Connect, discussing our efforts to stop development at the Outpost! It's a call-in show, and the number is (904) 549-2937.

Happy Earth Day!

Nicole Crosby and Gary Coulliette
Co-founders, Save Guana Now
View of shoreline of Outpost property that Save Guana Now is striving to save from development.