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Night of Music Cancelled
Join Us Virtually On March 26th!
Zebra Crossings has made the important decision to cancel our annual Night of Music on March 26 th . Although opinions about the stability of the Corona virus situation vary, we stand behind our mission is to support children who have chronic medical conditions and their families. Well being and take care of ourselves are central to our core values.
This virus is a direct threat to the vulnerable population we serve as well as other risk groups and the elderly. Our priority lies with being part of the solution and reducing opportunities for exposure in our community. We are adopting the preventative approach by following the CDC guideline to encourage social distancing, which suggests people stay 6 feet apart. 

Please consider being part of an effort to prevent risk of exposure and taking good care of ourselves by following the guidelines of social distancing recommendations 
Read On For A New Opportunity To Engage
We ask you to be flexible and adventurous as we launch our first ever online event. Zebra Crossings only holds two major fundraisers each year.  The funds that we aimed to raise at our Night of Music event are essential for us to empower our youth and teens through our programs, which have a deep impact.
"Before I went to Camp Spinnaker I always use to be embarrassed about my asthma. I never really liked the idea of having to go to the doctor's office all the time. After I went to a camp where everybody else had a similar background to me and everybody knew what I went through, I really had a great time. I made all kinds of friends with kids and staff. It was inspiring to hear about several different people's stories and how several adults recovered and made their asthma more manageable.  
I wouldn't be the person I am today without going to Camp Spinnaker for 3 years.

I became more independent, stronger and I've learned more about myself and asthma. I learned a lot from asthma education and I learned that everybody is different and everybody has a different story in life. I now play Alto-Saxophone in band and I run track and cross country. My asthma is much more under control then it was before. If you had asked my parents 8 years ago about me doing any of those things recreationally, they wouldn't have thought that would ever happen. I’m very grateful for my whole life. I now feel there are worse things to deal with in life then asthma."
Join Us Virtually On March 26th!
Hear Our Stories
Online Auction
Please join us on March 26 th at 8pm on social media or via our website links as we share our families’ stories that inspire and demonstrate the resilience. We will launch our online auction with terrific items for you to bid on. Of course, if you planned to donate that evening, we hope you will continue to make that commitment to our youth and mission.

We thank Laars Heating Systems   for their continued support as our underwriter as we transition this new online fundraiser.

A link to participate in this auction, sponsored by D.F. Richard , will follow soon.

We appreciate your understanding and support! We wish you good health.
Please consider a donation to our "Be The Match" campaign

Keeping our program fees at a reduced rate is vital to our families as many face high out of pocket medical expenses. We also aim to be accessible to a wide demographic and serve all children. We ask families to contribute a program fee, which reflects only half of the actual program cost. 

Will you help fund the invisible other half of the camp program?
  • $400 supports a week of overnight asthma camp
  • $250 supports a week of day camp
  • $125 supports a season of day programs
  • $ 50 supports a teen adventure day program
  • $ 25 supports a youth explorer day program 
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