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We are pleased to share some of our favorite books of 2023, as well as books and ideas for addressing holidays in the classroom.

We also share a multi-disciplinary lesson on book bans from a 4th grade classroom that culminated in a letter to Scholastic expressing concern about the way books are categorized at their book fairs.

During this season of gift-giving, consider purchasing books through our links at A small portion of each sale goes to which will help us add more reviews and booklists in 2024 — Teaching for Change's 35th anniversary year.

Some of Our Favorite 2023 Books

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That Flag

Can-We-Please-Give-the-Police-Dept-to-Grandmothers-Hi-res-300x258 image

Can We Please Give the Police Department to the Grandmothers?

Homeland: My Father Dreams of Palestine

For-Lamb-199x300 image

For Lamb

What-Your-Ribbon-Skirt-Means-to-Me-233x300 image

What Your Ribbon Skirt Means to Me: Deb Haaland's Historic Inauguration

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2023 Booklist

See also Debbie Reese's American Indians in Children's Literature Year In Review for 2023, 2023 Américas Award winners, and Children's Africana Book Award winners.

4th Graders Challenge Scholastic

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The Inspired Teaching Demonstration PCS’ 4th grade teaching team led students through a unit on book banning this fall which culminated in a letter to Scholastic expressing concern about the way books are categorized at their book fairs.

In the math and science classroom, students studied book ban data and completed graphing projects and reflections.

In the ELA and social studies classroom, students participated in a power simulation in order to challenge the idea that a small group should be able to dictate which books a large number of students have access to in their schools or libraries.

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Story and More Photos

Holiday Books

Come-and-Join-Us-246x300 image

Come and Join Us!: 18 Holidays Celebrated All Year Long

We-Are-Little-Feminists-Celebrations-small-247x300 image

We Are Little Feminists: Celebrations

The-Real-Santa-247x300 image

The Real Santa

9780689838576_the-tress-of-the-dancing-goats image

The Trees of the Dancing Goats

Holidays Booklist

Addressing Holidays in the Classroom with an Anti-Bias Lens

On November 18th, the Anti-Bias D.C. Area Educators for Social Justice Early Childhood Working Group met at the Teaching for Change office to focus on addressing holidays in the classroom with an anti-bias lens. The session was grounded by reflective questions from Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves.

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Recommended Banned Books List

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