Our Favorite Holiday Themed Items!
Nutcracker Scratch and Sketch $7.50 (3)
Mini Tins
$1.50 (12 Asst)
That's Not My Snowman
$5.00 (1)
Baby Reindeer Ornament
$5.00 (4)
Night Before Christmas - Poke-A-Dot Book
$8.00 (3)
Santa Puppet
$10.00 (1)
Elf Hatching Egg
$3.50 (24)
Night Before Christmas Game $7.00 (4)
Decorate an Ornament Kit $2.49 (24)
Christmas Extravaganza Hotel
$8.50 (1)
Elf 70 piece Tube
$3.50 (6)
That's Not My Elf
$5.00 (1)
Candy Cane
$18.00 (1)
Paint Your Own Christmas Ornaments $10.00 (6) Mindware
Holiday Train in a Tin
$4.25 (12)
Learn To Draw Christmas $3.00 (3)
North Pole
$7.50 (6)
Little Sticker Dolly Christmas $4.50 (1)
My First Christmas Stories
$5.00 (1) Tiger Tales
Christmas Tree
70 piece Tube
$3.50 (6) Plus Plus
How Many Sleeps 'til Christmas
$5.00 (1) Tiger Tales
Christmas Stories for Little Children $9.00 (1) EDC/Usborne
Gingerbread Man
$17.50 (1)
Little Sticker Dolly Snow Princess $4.50 (1)
Dear Santa, I Know it
Looks Bad
$8.50 (3) Peter Pauper
$15.75 (1)

(Okay, it's not really a holiday item. I included
it, as every family should play it this holiday season; it's our favorite!)
My Favorite New Specials
Mindware $350 = FFA
SmartToys $500 = FFA
University Games $500 = FFA
Hape $750 = FFA
House of Marbles $400 = FFA
Squishable $600 = FFA (must include 3 new 2019 items)
Funsparks $150 = N90
Glo Pals $100 = FFA
Waboba Buy 3 cases total of Land Balls = FFA
(Moon Ball, Lava, Street Ball)
Staff and Cell Phones
I find this a continuing issue for stores. What policy is fair? If I, as a store owner, need to use my phone, is it fair to request my staff that they don't use theirs?
I have talked this over with many store owners. The answer is a resounding "yes".
As a store owner, there are many business contacts that have your cell phone number. In addition, your phone is a resource through the day that helps you grow your business.For your staff, it's mostly a distraction that keeps them from focusing on their main responsibilities. The policy I have come across that I like the most is -
1) No cell phones while clocked in at work.
2) If employees need to use their cell phone, clock out.
3) Staff should make sure that family and friends have the store's main number in case of any emergency.
Advent Calendar with Farm Animals or Wild Life
Schleich Does a Great Advent Calendar!
This week only if you order 20 total, you get them at the Special Price of $19.95
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