Volume 3 | February 2020
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What Can the Swifty44™ Cut?
Bring Your DXF File and Find Out!
Last November, we shared that Airweld now has the Swiftcut Swifty44™ cutting table set up for demonstration in our Farmingdale demo center. Now we take it one step further! Bring your DXF file and watch how easy it is to import your shapes, like the ones above, into the CNC software and cut away!

Scott Wirtanen, Swiftcut's Vice President, trained Airweld's sales team January 17th to import and resize these files on our demo table with amazing results. "The training session on our Swifty44™ plasma table makes it clear just how dedicated Airweld is to bringing new technologies to their customer base," Wirtanen shared. He added, "Having a Demo table set up right in Airweld's facility makes it so convenient for customers to experience hands-on, the capabilities of our CNC plasma cutting table. Quite simply, there isn't a more affordable, high quality table on the market!"

Equipped with a Hypertherm Powermax™ 65 plasma machine, this versatile, affordable and compact system can rip through plates up to 5/8" thick and cut a variety of shapes.

Want a demonstration? Contact Airweld's Director of Sales, James Bendernagel, at 631-831-9894 or by email,  j.bendernagel@airweld.net , and set-up an appointment to see this state-of-the-art system in action!
Cutting It A Little Too Close?
One of the challenges of cutting metals is proximity and access to the work. To address this issue, Hypertherm™ has introduced their Duramax® Hyamp™ Long Torches. Available in two, four and six foot lengths, these extra-long torches are built to handle the full 125-amp output of the Powermax125® plasma cutting system and are also compatible for use on lower amp Powermax® systems. Check out this video to see them in action and contact your Airweld sales representative for more information.
Our question this month comes from Nick P. of Brooklyn. He asks:
Dear Answerman: I fabricate architectural specialties and recently have been working with Architectural Bronze , alloy C38500. I’ve been told that this alloy is not weldable. Is this true and if so, how can I join this material?

Dear Nick: Unfortunately, alloys like architectural brass and bronze have very poor weldability. This is because they are made with 2.5 – 3.5% lead, chemical symbol Pb . While the lead increases machinability, it makes it virtually impossible to weld. Soft soldering and brazing are acceptable methods of joining. Some shops have had limited success using GTAW (Tig Welding) with RG60 gas welding rods, but this requires a high degree of skill and generally results in poor color match, something that is essential for architectural fittings. So in summary, if the alloy has Pb in it, welding is not a viable option. Thanks for asking.

Do you have a question for the Airweld Answerman? Email your question to theanswerman@airweld.net and if your question is selected, you will win an Airweld tee shirt. Thanks to Nick for his question.
Jorge is Happy!
Congratulations to Jorge Jaramillo, our February Winner of a Miller Auto Darkening Helmet! Jorge, a 20 year veteran welder with All State Twelve General Contracting of Corona, New York, loves the outstanding service he receives from Nick Urena at Airweld's Flushing branch. "Nick knows what I need the minute I walk through the door," Jorge smiled. "Nick is very professional and personable," he added."

Visit your local Airweld, Bronx Welding or Atlantic Welding location, fill out our survey card, and maybe you will be our next winner! No purchase necessary but neat printing is!
Meet Nick Urena
Nick Urena worked in the food delivery business. The job wasn't satisfying his hunger for something more fulfilling. His cousin told him about a tasty opening at Airweld. Six years later and he is Branch Manager of our Flushing store. "I love the opportunity for growth, the training and the support that Airweld offers," Nick shared. "As many of the customers who visit the store are Chinese and Korean, I enjoy the challenge of communicating with them and understanding their needs, even when not spoken in English," he added. This doting father of a six year old son enjoys playing ball with him as well as riding his motorcycle and reading self-development books!
Meet Manny Martinez
Manny Martinez spent five years in IT support with Penguin Publishers. He felt his career was frozen and decided that was IT! A friend told him about an opening at Airweld and 6-1/2 years later he is Territory Manager for Brooklyn. "The secret to my success with Airweld is growth through initiative and learning," Manny affirmed. "I love working with our customers, learning their processes and finding solutions to make them more efficient and profitable," he added. This devoted dad of five children loves to skateboard with them as well as enjoying different restaurants and making improvements in his new home.
Technical and Event Videos
We are building our library of videos on Airweld Inc On YouTube . These include special events coverage as well as technical tips and advice. Check back regularly for new videos.
President's Day Weekend Schedule

Saturday, February 15th
The following stores will be open from 8 AM-Noon: Patchogue, Farmingdale, Flushing, Georgia Ave, & Bruckner Blvd

Monday, February 17th
The following stores will be open. Check the individual locations for hours that day. Flushing, Georgia Ave, 3rd Ave & Bruckner Blvd

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