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Our February Newsletter

An important anniversary and a small shift

When we published our first monthly newsletter in February 2004, we had no idea how vital it would become to our business. Over the following decade and a half, our circle of online followers grew both domestically and globally, and, when Covid temporarily cancelled the shows that comprised an important share of our buying and selling, our newsletters and website seamlessly filled the gap. We’re grateful to Marvin Getman, who developed the New York Online Antiques Show and the online platform that made success in that show seem inevitable, to the Chicago Suburban Antiques Dealers Association, who welcomed us into their online Fox Valley Shows, and to our newsletter readers and followers on Instagram, who have kept us floating happily through the uncharted waters.

But, as we seem to have emerged from the tunnel that was Covid, we’re attempting to determine the best path for us as we go forward. In 2021 we traded our cargo van for a minivan, and I've just had my 83rd birthday (Jan isn’t far behind), so the likelihood that we’ll return to live shows is slim. On the other hand, we both love this business, and our new barn is a showplace in which we enjoy displaying our stock to visitors to our website and other customers who occasionally drop by.

So, in this first newsletter of our twenty-first year of publishing, we’re announcing a small but significant change. We’re moving our monthly newsletters from Tuesdays to Saturdays and, more importantly, half of them will contain new stock listings. Here’s the plan for the next 12 months:

Feb 10: Special showing of Chinese antiques (28 new listings)

May 4 – 5: Spring Post-England Opening (65 – 75 new listings)

July 6: July Newsletter (25 – 30 new listings)

Aug 3 – 31: August Tax Holiday Sale

Nov 2 - 3: Fall Post-England Opening (65 – 75 new listings)

Nov 30 – Dec 22: Gift Fest (100 specially priced gift ideas)

Feb 1, 2025:  February Newsletter (25 – 30 new listings)

We’ll send an email reminder a few days prior to each of these events and announce shop opening times to coordinate with them. Beginning in March, newsletters will appear monthly on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m., and each event above will coincide with one of them.

Coming on Saturday morning

A special event, and a change of pace for mid-winter, featuring more than two dozen pieces: furniture, accessories, wall art, and jewelry - all antique or vintage, mostly Chinese. Look for an email at 10:00 on Saturday morning.

And, if you're nearby, feel free to drop in. We'll be open on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 until 4:00 for in-person viewing.

An Unexpected Discovery at Boston's MFA

This month's pop quiz on Dutch painters:

Which iconic Dutch artist painted the interior above?

Give up? or just want to see more?

Click the painting. You might be as astonished as we were.

Pippin's Page

Before discovering the wonder drug that has given Pippin back his happy life, his rich colors had begun to fade, as had his spirit. The picture above was taken during this grey time. Six monthly injections have not only restored his spirit; his coloring has begun to return, as well. For a quick view of the transformation, click his picture.

The Back Page

Last month we traveled to Boston to view the acclaimed show Fashioned by Sargent, an exhibition of many large paintings of prominent people, illustrating the artist’s sensitivity to and representation of style and fashion in Edwardian times. Perhaps because we had waited too long to book our tickets, we saw the show of more than four dozen paintings on one of the final days of its Boston run, in a gallery that was far too small to accommodate the paintings, the costumes, and the number in attendance. We remained in the show for only as long as it took us to wind our way through the noisy crowd, through the obligatory bookshop, and into our car.

Having missed our Sargent fix, last weekend we visited the Clark Art Institute in nearby Williamstown and, while we were there, we spent time in the museum's large European and Amertican Art gallery, nearly alone with some of our favorite Sargent paintings. We invite you to click the picture above to share in the pleasure.

Thanks for reading. See you again on March 2nd.

John & Jan

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