Volume II  | February 2017
Your Monthly Green News & Updates
With the toughest month behind us, we're looking ahead to see what's in store for February. Valentine's Day right around the corner and Earth Day a speed bump ahead - February will breeze by in the blink of an eye in 28 days. As promised, we will keep you up to date and in the loop of what's going on with us over here at Conserv-A-Store. We're always here for all your green needs. Visit us below! 
Energy to Use More than Once
With 2017 starting off with a new President in office, what do you think he will do about Renewable Energy and big companies converting over? We are offering a series of articles on large company conversions to Green Industry or Green Techniques in their operating procedures. 
The main purpose and goal of this is to be able to track the transactions made by leading industry tycoons in renewable energy strides and be able to regurgitate that information as an emerging trend. Helpful? Maybe... Read more on our series of Clean Energy...

Tree Rings That CAN Stand the Test of Time...

For 2017, we are proud to announce that our Rubber Mulch Tree Rings are NEW & IMPROVED! With a thicker weave pattern; these rings will provide you with more durability for a longer life span. We offer quantity discounts and they come in varies colors when ordering in bulk. You can save your trees from the down pour of acid rain, sun beating on them day in and day out and even snow weatherization. Homegrown in Florida, USA; for more information follow the link below!

Quality and High Performance  

Water saving toilets are slowly emerging as the way to go when becoming more eco-friendly. The High Performance toilets we offer are sure to astonish. Featuring pressure-assist technology offering more flush power; the Flushmate will surpass your expectations. This system has been specially designed to utilize the water supply from your home or business and powerfully add energy to every flush. 

The Advanced Bowl Design, Largest Water Surface Area, Non-Sweating Tank, and Conventional Installation, the toilets with Flushmate are sure to offer quality high performance for your bathroom needs. 

See the video for how the Flushmate has revolutionized toilet technology 
  Attention All Elementary Schools: Scholarship 2017
Conserv-A-Store is proud to announce the first Annual Save a Root, Grow a Tree, Flourish for Life Scholarship! This scholarship is aiming to spread knowledge about young students (ages 10-13) being green in their everyday life. The Two-Part Entry will be required to be considered for this scholarship.

If you know a student, teacher, or school that should or want to participate please follow the link below for more information! Hurry before the deadline approaches! 

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