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Our February 2021 Newsletter
Our 18th year of newsletters begins

Little did we know in February 2004, when we published the first issue of this newsletter, that it would become an essential link to our customers and friends during our self-isolation seventeen years later. In those years, our subscriber list has grown steadily. Today, more than half of our subscribers open our monthly mailings, a rewarding and atypical response when compared to the industry average of 16%. Thanks to all who continually reward our monthly scramble to be timely and engaging.

The first annual New York Virtual Antique Show

The first New York Antiques Show is now behind us, our second show utilizing Marvin Getman's virtual platform. Sales were very good all day Friday, but remarkably, we had no sales on Saturday. Sunday morning began with two major sales, and the excitement continued throughout the day. At the end of the show we had sold nearly two thirds of our booth, as well as a few pieces from our website. We sold most of our best pieces, which says a great deal about the viability of this format, and we met several new buyers, whom we hope will become regulars. Thanks to Marvin, Debbie, and the other unsung heroes who contributed to a wonderful selling experience.

New on our website

In an effort to make our website more helpful and easier to use, we've put two new links on our home page:
  • If you've missed visiting us in Conway or if you've never been here in person, you might enjoy watching a brief video of our showrooms. The current one was shot in late December.
  • A link to a new gallery that premiers this month - The Bookshop at jmaggs.com. Read more about this new gallery below.

Also in this month's newsletter

As promised, there are a few new listings this month, although we've slowed the pace a bit. An announcement of our next virtual event, the launching of The Bookshop at jmaggs.com, Pippin and The Back Page complete Volume 18, no.1. We hope you like it.
This month's new listings
Some of this month's new entries, a small selection of accessories, furniture, paintings, two recently acquired carpets, and several spectacular strands of pearls. Click the picture above to see what's new.
Our next show - back to Chicago!
The Fox Valley Show
March 13 - 14

We're happy to announce that we'll be returning to Chicago - virtually - for this spring's edition of the Fox Valley Show in March. If you enjoyed last October's show, you'll surely want to visit this one. As the weekend approaches, we'll keep you posted through our website and these newsletters. If you're not already a newsletter subscriber, you might like to use the link on our website to sign up.
The Bookshop at jmaggs.com
Now open!
We've both had a life-long love for books and, while neither of us is likely to spend an afternoon in an armchair with a recent best-seller, we visit our libraries often to get the answers to questions or simply to learn more about furniture, jewelry, art, music, and other passions. Our iPad and PCs may provide some of the same information, but far less of the pleasure.

In the course of business, we frequently have the opportunity to purchase large lots of books at very reasonable prices. This new web page on our site will make it easy to pass the savings on to ur customers. We plan to post a few books each month. This first installment includes books on furniture, ceramics, Americana, and European art.

We invite you to visit our new store. Just click the picture.
Pippin's Page
Since our handsome rescue is a genuine Bengal, he has an inborn need to be as high as his environment allows (at least when he's not sleeping).
One of his favorite spots is on top of the bible box on our keeping room court cupboard. Just click his picture to see what we mean.
The Back Page
Phone spam got you down?
Caller ID no help?
We recently received one that actually gave us some useful information.
Click here to read this amusing tag.
Our calendar for the next few months
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March 13 - 14
The Fox Valley Antiques Show
Newsletter subscribers will receive notices as the show approaches.

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