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With Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend coming up, we have a great collection of specials for this month!!

Get Valentine's Day ready with our custom HydraFacial MD Special or reverse the effects of aging and take advantage of our Perfect Peel & Booster Promotion, or maybe this option . . . maintain healthy skin with our limited time ZO Skin Health Bundle Package!

Curious about eyebrow tinting? Check out this video and the information below to learn more:)

We also highlight our KTP Laser Treatment below for anyone looking to minimize nose and facial red vessels.

Keep reading for the details!
Interested in removing those pesky red vessels on the nose and cheeks?
Our KTP laser is used to remove these vessels that are distracting and often difficult to conceal, even with make-up. One of the most common areas that show red vessels are the nose and cheeks, and even the chin. The KTP laser treatment is quick (minutes), with minimal to no discomfort or downtime.

Give your skin a little love with our Valentine's Day inspired HydraFacial MD Treatment!

Get our Signature HydraFacial along with a custom picked sheet masque and a "rosy" Red LED Light Therapy treatment for added hydration and anti-aging benefits for only $185!!!

Until the end of February, we are offering a complimentary booster to your Perfect Derma Peel treatment ($40 value)!!
The Perfect Derma Peel is a safe, effective, light to medium grade peel that is known to lighten and brighten the skin, as well as slow down the aging process. The Boosters are used in conjunction with the Perfect Derma Peel solution to "boost" the results of the peel.

Our Esthetician can choose what booster best suits your skin concerns-

Plus Booster: Treats stubborn hyperpigmentation including melasma.

Plus Plus Booster: Contains 4% Hydroquinone and helps fade sun damage, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation as well.

Clear Acne Booster: Benzoyl Peroxide based booster. Great for patients with moderate to severe acne.

Transform and define your brows with this quick treatment with natural results ($40)! The brows frame the face so it is important that we shape and define them properly to flatter your eyes and facial features. Our Esthetician can do just that!!

Check out this time lapse video of the Brow Tinting process:
Schedule your brow tinting appointment today!
Detox, Hydrate, and Brighten

Get everything your skin needs in one convenient package! Mix and match these facial options to suit your skin concerns!

Facial #1: Ultra Hydration Facial: Designed to specifically target dry, dehydrated skin to restore hydration, and to provide soothing, cooling, and calming comfort.

Facial #2: Detox Facial: Indicated for acne-prone skin or redness. Helps clear skin and prevent future breakouts.

Facial #3: Skin Brightening Facial: Target pigment-related issues to help address dark patches and uneven skin tone.