CAP/Corbett's February eNews
From our Executive Director
February Hearts & Love

With the recent challenging weather, I hope this finds you and your families warm and safe. February in Rochester can be a tough month, but Valentine's Day gives us that mid-Winter pick-up. Feelings of love and warmth fill the hearts of many.
At CAP/Corbett, we take our "hearts" seriously, particularly those loving hearts open to adopting children who have been waiting for their forever families. This month, take some time to show love to others, cherish our children, and consider opening your heart. The love you receive in return will give a lifetime of joy!

We are adding more available children to our website all the time, including some new sibling groups. Please visit this page often.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and Happy Valentine's Day.

All my best,
Lauri McKnight
Introducing Aria...

Aria is a strong and passionate young lady with a bubbly personality. She loves to sing and shop all day if she could! Aria has an amazing voice and loves to sing for people as a surprise. She likes to watch TV and she enjoys scary movies. Aria is a hard worker in school and her favorite subject is science. Her biggest wish is to go to Paris.

Aria loves animals and would love to have one in her forever family to call her own. She would like so much to be a part of yours.

Are you the one? To enquire about Aria, email or click here.
February Volunteer Spotlight on....
Margaret Hackert-Kroot
Small non-profits like CAP/Corbett rely on its amazing volunteers to help things run smoothly. This month, we recognize volunteer Margaret Hackert-Kroot.

As an engineer, Margaret has some unique "geek" skills to offer a people-centered organization like CAP/Corbett.
Sometimes she does data entry which helps her understand our needs and workflow so she's been able to help organize our bigger data and website redesign.
"As an adoptive parent myself," Margaret says, "I believe so strongly that a loving family is one of the best possible things a young person can have, to help them have a happy life in which they do something marvelous. I hope that by my removing roadblocks for the wonderful CAP/Corbett people, they can help more kids find forever families."
In the News...

In January, the federal government granted a waiver to allow federally funded foster care agencies in South Carolina to deny services to same-sex or non-Christian couples. CAP/Corbett opposes any discrimination against parents or families.
We are looking...
Children Awaiting Parents is governed by a dedicated and diverse Board of Directors, many of whom, but not all, have personal experience with adoption. We are currently looking for passionate people to join our board. If serving on our board interests you, please email

The Board helps evaluate how CAP/Corbett's programs and content serve the needs and interests of our children. Please consider joining!
Upcoming Events:

Council of Adoption Parents Support Group *NEW*

The Council Of Adoptive Parents Support Group is launching! This is a local, in-person, support group for foster and/or adoptive parents in the Rochester, NY and surrounding areas. The f irst meeting is Wednesday, Feb. 13 from 6-7:15 pm at the CAP/Corbett Office: 274 N. Goodman Street, Suite D103, Rochester, NY.