October 2015
In New England we are enjoying the last days of our peak foliage season.  We never tire of the beauty of this time of year!  We hope you enjoy this photo of the view from the front window of our Project Administrator's window at her home.
Last month we introduced you to ElcoRock, a new product for NETCO.  We are pleased to report that we have begun our first ElcoRock project which is described below in our main article. We hope you enjoy our newsletter and we appreciate any feedback you may want to share with us.
Exciting News From NETCO
NETCO has begun work on the first large scale ElcoRock project in the U.S. at White Cliffs Country Club in Plymouth, MA. The project involves the installation of 2.5 cubic meter geo-synthetic containers.  Each container weighs approximately 7 tons. The ElcoRock containers are being installed using a pumped/gravity fed water/sand slurry system.  

Beach Notes

To protect shore communities against storms, rebuilding isn't the answer: smarter coastal engineering and development is... Read More

Efforts to rebuild badly-eroded and storm-blasted Town Neck Beach have always been complex and complicated, involving three levels of government, Mother Nature's wintertime fury, and now the court system... Read More

Much like a town in the face of a major coastal storm, local officials, coastal groups and politicians are bracing for impact for when the Federal Emergency Management Agency releases its revised flood maps... Read More
Wellfleet and Eastham are eroding, and a huge amount of the sand being washed from their shores ends up in Provincetown Harbor... Read More 
For those who live and work along the coast, sound science is essential to both your daily life and your long-term livelihoods and safety. Without science, coastal preservation and protection becomes a hit-and-miss enterprise and planning for a coastal future becomes nearly impossible... Read More 
Upcoming Events
Restore America's Estuaries, in partnership with the Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation, will hold a Living Shorelines Workshop in Hartford, Connecticut. This workshop, Living Shorelines: Sound Science, Innovative Approaches, Connected Community, will feature nationally relevant issues and discussions along with region-specific sessions... Learn More
The Great Marsh Coalition will hold the 4th Great Marsh Sea Level Rise Symposium, Great Marsh Communities in Action, at Woodman's of Essex. This full-day workshop allows coastal decision makers and practitioners from the region to explore, share, and discuss various ongoing case studies of efforts to mitigate sea level rise impacts in the Great Marsh-the largest continuous stretch of salt marsh in New England, extending from Cape Ann to New Hampshire. Coffee and lunch will be provided. Pre-registration is required by November 10. Discounted registration of $15 is available until October 30 and will increase to $20 after that date. For more information, contact Kathryn Glenn at kathryn.glenn@state.ma.us... Learn More 
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  • Coir log and coir envelope construction
  • Coastal bank, shoreline and dune stabilization
  • Inland waterway erosion control
  • Construction site erosion control
  • Sand drift fencing
  • Beach nourishment
  • Vegetated buffers and coastal bank vegetation
  • Rock gabion construction (wire & HDPE gabions)
  • Boardwalks, dune crossovers, walkway construction
  • Wetland/salt marsh restoration
  • Infrastructure protection

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