November 2018 Newsletter

This time of year when the daylight begins to shorten, we turn towards the warmth and fire in our homes, we turn towards family and friends, and also to the light and love within our own hearts.
Yoga and meditation practices help us to remember that when things on the outside seem confusing, cold and dim, there is a bright and warm light that shines within.

Turning Towards the Warmth in Your Heart

Close your eyes, and take three full, slow breaths into your belly.
Allow for your shoulders to soften.
Place your hand on your heart and begin to feel your breath at your heart center.

Bring to mind those who you love.

The things you are grateful for.

Imagine they surround you at this time.
Feel the warmth of gratitude and love in your heart and hold your attention here for some time.

Gently open your eyes when you're ready, continuing to hold your attention in the warm center of your heart.
Taking as little as one minute a day to focus on the heart and your breath can bring a sense of ease and connection to your inner most and truest self.

Yoga + Meditation Series

Eight-Week Yoga + Meditation Series
(pay what you can)

Saltwater Yoga Studio
20 Unicorn St, Newburyport, MA

Join Meghan on Thursday nights from 7:30-8:30 p.m., starting November 1st through December 27th (skipping Thanksgiving), to experience gentle flow yoga, practice meditation techniques, and discuss the spiritual and scientific benefits meditation has to offer.
All levels are welcome.

Upcoming Workshops

Mindfulness and Self-Care for Caregivers and Educators Workshop

Saturday, December 1st, 12-2pm

Riverside Yoga
2 Titcomb St, Newburyport, MA

We will explore the tools of mindfulness and yoga for resilience, clarity, and ease in the lives of caregivers. This workshop will include gentle yoga, meditation, discussion, and time for journaling. 
All levels are welcome. 
Leave feeling rejuvenated and empowered before moving back into routines and into the Holiday season.

$30, for pre-registrants who pay before December 1
$40 on December 1

Schedule of Yoga Classes with Meghan

Take $10 off your first meditation session
Valid through Feb 1, 2019
Awake Minds YouTube
Part 1: Yoga Flow + Meditation
Part 2: Yoga Flow + Meditation
Mindfulness for Educators Corner

Classroom Activities
These four high school students used their mindfulness practice to battle their experiences of depression. They learned to take pauses to breathe, make friends with the present moment, reflect on and connect to themselves, feel gratitude, cultivate creativity, and discover freedom from their critical inner voice.

“Into Light” was created by Mindful Schools graduate and filmmaker,  Julie Bayer Salzman .