Fit Friday Issue #26
It's our 1 Year Anniversary of Fit Friday!
Creating Healthy Habits to Last a Lifetime
Healthy habits will keep you fit for a lifetime!

"I'll do it when I feel like it" or "I'll start in January when I am motivated" are phrases we hear all the time as clients come to us at the beginning of the year. The truth is, motivation will only get you so far and you can't rely on it alone. The  good news is, your habits are stronger than any fleeting bursts of motivation. We need to create and sustain healthy habits to fuel our lives!
Having a hard time adding exercise to your routine or eating healthier? Don't get discouraged by feeling "unmotivated", instead, work on the habit. A new habit can take anywhere from 21-66 days to become ingrained. But trying to change all your habits all at once can be overwhelming, so focus on small changes that can make a big difference overall.
10 Easy Habits to Adopt

Here are ten small practices that can be incorporated in your life. Pick one thing to establish before moving on to the next. Remember to be patient with yourself. Don't get deterred or frustrated if the habit takes longer than you think to become a reality. Each day is a new day, and even if you fall a little, you can pick it right back up.

1. Bedside Water: Start putting a large glass of water by your bed at night and drink it right when you wake up in the morning.

2. Add a Veggie: Pick a meal (we suggest breakfast) and make the deliberate choice to always have at least ONE veggie (or green smoothie!) at this meal. As it becomes a habit, starting incorporating a veggie at every meal regularly. Check out our next green feasting cleanse coming this January to make this habit stick!
3. Everyday Movement: You don't need to workout everyday, but do make a habit of moving everyday. It could be as simple as leaving 10 minutes earlier for work to get a 10 minute walk in.
4. Quick Exercise: Make a habit of waking up and warming up for a quick HIIT circuit. Having a hard time making this one stick? Start sleeping in your workout clothes! Or join us for Heights Express at 6:30am for a half hour burst of energy!
5. Meal Prep & Planning: Make a weekly habit of meal prepping whole meals - each with a healthy fat, fiber, and protein. Check out these meal prep tips.
6. Eat Mindfully: This can be really tricky. But make a point to eat without any distractions (like the TV). Eat until you're mostly full and then stop.
7. Meditate: If you are new to meditation, use an app (like Calm or Headspace) to help ease you into meditation - start with just 5 mins a day.
8. Posture: Set reminders on your phone to check in on your posture. Sit tall for a strong spine and good alignment.
9. Take the Stairs: We know the stairs at 187th street or the 181 subway stop seem like a lot, but make a habit of taking them every chance you get!
10. Sleep: Start going to sleep 30 mins earlier. Most phones now have sleep reminders to help remind you that this is your last episode Netflix.
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