July 6, 2020        
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Exotic, Tropical Fruits are in Season!  

When serving exotic fruits, we suggest taking advantage of their 
beauty and leave some whole for guests to admire. 
This also creates an "instagramable" dish.

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Item# 1005
In southeast Asia, lychee nuts are a symbol of romance. They're popular in syrups, cocktails, and Asian-inspired pork dishes.
Item# 1067

Tart, but fruity passionfruit is usually found in cocktails. It can also be used to cut through overly creamy or savory dishes.

Item# 1137

Native to Southeast Asia, rambutan are as common as an apple. Cutting it crosswise will reveal a single seed, which needs to be removed since it has a bitter taste. The flesh is sweet, tasty, and packed with nutrients, including Vitamin C. 

Item# 0960
Sweet and refreshing, guava is popular in smoothies and aqua fresco. They're also popular in many pastries. Guavas are also enjoyed as hand fruits.
Item# 1140
aka Carambola
Starfruit's taste is similar to a tart apple when green, but sweetens as the fruit turns yellow. When star fruits are yellow with browning edges, they're ripe and ready.


Item# 1140
Despite their wild outward appearance, dragon fruit   flesh is mild and sweet-- like a pear with small seeds that give it the texture of kiwi.
Item# 1064
Juicy and sweet; similar to melon in flavor. They are ripe when the fruit is about half yellow and give to gentle pressure. Papayas are an amazing addition to fruit salads and salsas.
Item# 0960
aka Cactus Pears 
Uniquely sweet prickly pears are excellent in cocktails, glazes, and desserts.
To ensure availability, pre-orders are suggested.

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