May 2021
As we finish up our 2020-2021 season, we would like thank you for your support through this past year. It's been a challenging one for all of us and we truly appreciate all you've done to help support live music and the Boulder Chorale! If you haven’t had a chance to donate to our "Singing Past the Pandemic" fundraising event yet, it's not too late!

As a little thank you gift, we are proud to share our spring Children's Chorale virtual performances with you. We are grateful to Charles Schwab and Co., who sponsored the production of the Choirs Won't Be Silenced video.
Boulder Children's Chorale
Build Me a World
Words and music by Ginger Littleton
Performed by Piccolini and Prima Voce
Director: Larisa Dreger
Pianist: Stella Pradeau
Audio and Video edited by: Nathan Wubbena
Build me a world where there's hope for children
to grow with no poverty, no hatred or war.
Build me a world where there's room to move in
with wide open scenery and clear skies above.

I'll climb the mountains and look out over the sea.
I'll build the bridges connecting people to me.

Build me a world where there's no more sickness.
We share all our promises, the rich and the poor.
I'll build this world if you'll stand beside me.
Give me hope. Give me faith. Give me love.
Boulder Children's Chorale
Choirs Won't Be Silenced
Project Sponsored by Charles Schwab and Company

Words and music by Chris Maunu
Performed by Volante and Bel Canto
Director: Nathan Wubbena
Pianist: Caitlin Strickland
Video Produced by: Stephen Ross
We remember when the world went still
Choirs across the world were silenced
Shadows stormed into our being
What once healed, now delivers pain?

Animabus nostris dolent (Our souls hurt)
Human hearts began to turn to song
Health of our bodies will protect us
But the well-being of our souls will see us through

Light began to emerge from the darkness
Through struggle and strife, choirs found a way
Through song, we will carry on
Sana animam meam (Heal my soul)
Time with the Composers
In March, the Boulder Children's Chorale welcomed the composers of these two pieces to our rehearsals to work with the students. We hope you enjoy watching them work on their pieces with our singers during their zoom rehearsals.
Chris Maunu
Chris Maunu, a conductor, educator, composer, and professional singer based in the Denver-Metro area rehearsed Choirs Won't Be Silenced with our top two choirs; Bel Canto and Volante.
Ginger Littleton
Ginger Littleton, a Kodály trained teacher worked on Build A World with our younger choirs; Prima Voce and Piccolini. Ms. Littleton also attended our day camp in-person to hear her piece performed.
Laura Moylan—BCC Volante Pianist
By Nathan Wubbena
Boulder Children's Chorale Co-Artistic Director
This month, we are spotlighting another one of the accomplished pianists working with the Boulder Children's Chorale (BCC). Dr. Laura Moylan enjoys working with musicians of all ages as a collaborator and piano instructor. She has worked with young pianists for many years as a private piano teacher and, since 2014, at the Center for Musical Arts in Lafayette, Colorado. Moylan is an active solo and collaborative pianist, and has worked with many talented soloists and choirs in Illinois, Indiana and Colorado. She received her Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in piano performance at the University of Colorado, Boulder under the tutelage of David Korevaar. She received her Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from Indiana University, Bloomington while studying under Emile Naoumoff.
Dr. Moylan is the accompanist for Volante, one of our two auditioned ensembles. Known as Miss Laura to the students, she is an integral part of our students' success. Nathan Wubbena, the director of Volante, writes:

"Laura is a fantastic teammate. I've had the opportunity to work with many pianists throughout my career, and Laura is easily one of the best. She certainly possesses the skills of an accomplished pianist in spades, but perhaps more importantly, she understands how to best support the students during rehearsal; the skills required of an accompanist are above and beyond that of a solo performer. I appreciate Laura's flexibility, her musicianship, and perhaps most importantly: her kind and warm personality. I've very much enjoyed getting to know Laura these past years, and look forward to getting to know her better. I consider myself extremely lucky to work alongside such a skilled musician and wonderful person!"

Thank you, Laura, for dedicating your time and talents to our organization and our students. We appreciate both, and look forward to continuing with you into the future!
This Month in Music
By Dr. Vicki Burrichter
Boulder Chorale Artistic Director
Next spring, the Boulder Chorale will perform Johannes Brahms' A German Requiem in the beautiful two piano version. Brahms was born this month, May 7, 1833. His Requiem is unique, in that it is sacred but not liturgical, and in German, not in Latin. Brahms once said he would gladly have called it "a human requiem." Brahms composed its seven movements, which include soprano and baritone soloists as well as chorus, between 1865 and 1866. It's possible that Brahms was inspired to write this piece because of the loss of his great friend, the composer Robert Schumann, in 1856.

One of the beauties of Brahms' text is that he is more interested in comforting the living than he is praying for the dead. Brahms also purposely omitted Christian dogma, staying with the humanist message.

We hope you will join us for our performance in the spring of 2022. In the meantime, here is a beautiful 1992 performance lead by conductor Robert Shaw.

Music and Wellbeing
By Mariana Bernoski-Gonya, MFA
Boulder Chorale Board Member At-Large
Music can be a powerful force for collective wellbeing. Singing in choirs like the Boulder Chorale has personal and social benefits, and it’s fun! The listening and cooperation required to sing with others develops a sense of connection, empathy and belonging. Music has supported social justice movements and even a peaceful revolution, providing hope and courage in the face of challenges. Throughout history our ancestors have had rituals of singing together. Let’s sing, for ourselves, for each other, and for our world.
The Boulder Chorale is very grateful for the generous support of our grantors and sponsors:
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