How our team is giving back this month...

It’s no secret that many employers and their working parents are struggling to navigate this new frontier of working remotely, while also juggling childcare and home schooling. MommaWork is here to help.
We're offering a free 30-minute team coaching session tailored to meet the unique challenges facing your organization and/or workforce, through the month of April.

Long before this pandemic, MommaWork has been on a mission to support working parents and their employers. Since 2013, we’ve empowered working parents by helping them integrate their career with parenthood, and provided employers with HR support and legal compliance.
Our expertise is needed now more than ever to help successfully navigate “work from home” protocols, and to ensure working parents and their employers flourish in this highly abnormal time. We have long believed working parents should not have to choose between personal and professional success, and now is no different. Let us show you and your team how to thrive in the face of adversity.
Check out our COVID-19 support page , where we've collected helpful resources to support the management of working parenthood, including webinars, fresh articles and even some things to make you smile.
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